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TRIP Drinks

Influencer programme

In January 2020, we started working with delicious new, CBD-infused soft drink brand TRIP Drinks on an influencer campaign that raised awareness for their unique product offering, aligning it to like-minded people and their followings. 

The work began with an influencer strategy where we got to the core of who the brand was, and what kind of people would exist within that space — both on a micro and macro level. After identifying TRIP’s place in the market and its audience, we got to work sourcing talent, and built a campaign around them and their stories. 

After a process of researching and screening, we found our team of influencers and got down to the logistics of creating individual content, with our team managing communications and nurturing these relationships on behalf of the brand throughout.


The campaigns ran from April to August 2020 across the influencer’s Instagram (in-feed and stories), and we’re pleased to say that it was a very successful campaign, producing almost 1 million on reach, and 53k+ engagements across the board.