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Miss Hits

Brand launch and app design.


Judy Murray, captain of women’s British tennis, wants her team to win the Fed Cup by 2025. To do she needed to attract young girls to the sport, so she devised a fun programme called Miss Hits.

It was fronted by six characters, think of a girl band with tennis rackets instead of microphones. What we needed to do was build a brand for the programme that was worthy of Judy’s big ambition.


To ensure the programme’s success, we started by giving it some structure. This included logo and identity creation, brand guidelines, character creation, choreographing dance routines and helping write training materials. Then we went live with all the consumer-facing communications, including a tennis app, which enabled you to pick a character and practise your skills. We also created everything from the website and emails to clothing, stationary and certificates.

App screens


When it launched, Miss Hits was incredibly well received by the tennis community and media, with key features on Sky Sports and the BBC. Most importantly, the girls who attended the initial workshops loved it too. Since then its popularity has seen workshops taking place across the whole of the UK. Judy’s 2025 Fed Cup dream is becoming more of a reality every day.