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Harwin are a world-class manufacturer of high-reliability connectors and components, with nearly 70 years of experience behind them. Originally a simple turning facility, Harwin has grown and expanded into challenging new areas, their website needed to reflect that. With an inventory of over 30,000 products, we were tasked with designing and building a new website that balanced form and function.

User journeys had to be slick and efficient, and the overall design needed to reflect Harwin’s own quality.

Utilising a simplified, unified approach to UX allowed us to reduce and improve user journey length dramatically. From the re-categorisation of products to the new superpowered search, the new Harwin website is designed to perform. We undertook a huge UX task in order to help users find the products and information they need as quickly as possible. We implemented a mega menu with distinct categories, guided navigation on list pages and live filtering with an intelligent new search.

Key UX features