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Camps International

Design and digital


Camps International offer school students the opportunity to go on exhibitions all around the world. With camps located in Borneo, Kenya and Cambodia, to name a few, they provide children with a unique experience.

Exhibitions allow children to develop new skills and experience different cultures. However, a huge part of the experience is the community impact. Students contribute towards projects such as infrastructure improvements, habitat conservation and building schools.


Camps International have three unique users groups – students, parents and teachers. Ensuring they could easily access relevant content was key to the sites success, so we designed a clean, simple menu system to help users navigate to the content they want to see quickly and efficiently.

The homepage is the entry point for all three of these users, so clear signposting was important. The site splits content into three areas: For Parents, For Students and For Schools. This allows users to quickly drill down to content relevant to them. With such a vast amount of detailed content, ensuring the exhibition pages were clear and understandable was key. Clear sectioning of content allows users to find relevant information quickly, while detailed information is also accompanied by high-level bullet points for users who want to skim read.