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Brand campaign.


Barbour’s communications are lead by their collection campaigns, which although beautiful, rely on a loyal customer base. To elevate their positioning as a lifestyle brand and appeal to a broader range of consumers who have aspirations of living the ‘Barbour Life’ – they needed to create their first ever brand campaign.

The long-term goal is to have a ‘Barbour consumer’ as opposed to a ‘collection consumer’. Other objectives included: increased sales across all product categories, a way to enable Barbour to launch new categories with ease, and to no longer be seen as a ‘jacket-only’ brand.


We totally immersed ourselves in the brand, from researching its rich heritage stories to full competitor reviews and a series of stakeholder interviews. This lead to developing a unique, ownable proposition: Barbour Way of Life.

It also inspired us to move Barbour into a space that had a sense of ‘realness’, based around their heritage and archive, which made it easier for the consumer to interact with and understand the brand. It was all about capturing the sweet spot between fashion and lifestyle to open the brand up to a wider audience.

The campaign is spear-headed by a brand film, with no focus on a specific collection, but with real-world scenarios to make it more relatable to the new, expanded target audience.

Brand film.



Running alongside to support the collection campaigns, the Barbour Way of Life has given Barbour a unique, ownable brand campaign, while also providing a solid platform that helps inspire all other communications. Plus, it’s been extremely well received by wholesalers and retailers alike.