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Brand strategy and visual identity.

In 2020, Thinking Juice started to deliver the first phase of a strategic brand direction for alley – a new digital healthcare provider that specialises in developing journey companion apps for patients suffering from long-term health conditions and chronic diseases.

After working with the brand’s Cologne-based team, we agreed that it was essential our response focussed on a human truth – that diagnosis results in feelings of fear and vulnerability, and that ineffective patient management only amplifies these emotions. During research patients repeatedly expressed that, once they had been diagnosed, they felt they had simply become a number – one of many in a healthcare system that decides what happens to them, and that they were almost completely dependent on to stay informed.

Enabling patients to take control of their treatment journey, and ‘empowering patient care’ should become alley’s mission and sit at the heart of the brand. After establishing the alley proposition, personality and values, an approachable and uplifting visual identity and logo, we developed an upbeat tone of voice – giving the brand stand-out as warm and welcoming in a cold and often sterile sector.



"Thinking Juice perfectly connected with us and helped us discover the heart of our brand 'alley'. Inspiring, innovative and lovely to work with!"

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