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The power of the platform.
Social has completely transformed advertising with more and more companies taking their budgets away from traditional marketing methods and getting serious about investing in their social media campaigns.

A virtual space to educate and engage with your customers.

Social platforms are places for your people to share their opinions, educated and entertain themselves and — cue your brand — discover products and services that interest them. But how you as a business go about making yourself known to potential customers is quite the balancing act. Which is where we come in.

We offer an end-to-end service – from creating a thoughtful plan of attack with your social strategy, right through to evolving and adapting your content with key reporting and analytics. It’s like a social circle — we plan to get desired results, and we constantly create, share, monitor and develop to achieve them.

There are lots of ways we can work with your brand on social. Whether it’s creating a single post or a targeted social campaign, working on content month-by-month or plotting an entire quarter’s worth of social activity. We’ll map out content informed by the social strategy and content pillars so that everything you put out on your channels is relevant and on-brand and grabs the attention of your target audience.

Through our Social department, you’ll also have access to our Creative team, where our copywriters, designers, art directors and content creators will collaborate to give you a bank of original assets that give you a distinct look and presence on social and help you stand out on your customer’s feeds.

When it comes to mapping out your content, we keep our ears to the ground with what’s going on your brand and its customers in the global context. To do this, we use a data-driven approach to inform our social planning, including aligning your content relevant events, industry insights, key trends and customer analysis from regular reporting.

Once a strategy is in place and the content is created, we’ll get to scheduling everything — on days and times that are data-proven to work best for your specific platforms and channels. Scheduling allows us to give you a proper plan of attack so that you know exactly when your messages and promotions are being posted out. That’s not to say that once it’s out in the world it’s out of our hands. We carefully monitor your channels to ensure content goes live. We also manage your community, by engaging with your followers and fans, so that they feel that there is a real human behind your brand that they can interact with, ask questions of — and ultimately, build up a sense of trust with.

We can’t talk about social without the mention of influencers. To help you spread some incredible good word of mouth, you might want to look at influencer campaigns. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with countless influencers on behalf of our clients to create exciting content and gets your name into the feeds (and hearts) of new customers. We’ve created all manor of influencer content, from product promotion and lifestyle content to event hosting and all the PR stunts in-between. From sourcing the talent and negotiating terms to informing content and ensuring it delivers, we take care of it all. And just like any other social campaign, we’ll report on the results from content, influencer activity and the community sentiment, which will then be used to inform and optimise our content strategy.

Essentially, we create hard-working social content that gives our clients results. And we use those results to inform the hard-working content.