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UX & Digital Design

Helping you exceed your customers’ expectations.

We’re living in an experience culture, far from the old school realms of ‘see here, buy this’. Today’s consumers are hungry for more than just products/services — they want to be immersed in your brand’s world, especially on your website, which is where having expert UX & Design input comes in handy.

Informed by customer insight

With more and more people wanting simple, efficient, trustworthy and relevant digital experiences, wrapped up in best-in-class design, there’s a lot of pressure on brands to deliver. But we can take that pressure away for you.

Because every business is different, we’ll develop a bespoke package that improves the experience for your users, making it easier for them to reach their goals – and ultimately your business objectives.

To do this, we start by understanding what your customers really want. By going in through the backdoor of your site, our UX team deep dive into visitor’s minds and study how they are interacting with the products and services you offer. And from here, we can form a tailor made plan to help you maximise the effectiveness of your website from all angles. 

Our mission, in simple terms, is to help create good user experiences that are equal parts, functional, usable and desirable. With the aim of minimising technical frustrations and maximising the visitor journey so that nothing stands between your brand, its products and your customers. And all the while driving return visits and recommendations. 

Your website will be one of, if not the biggest, touch-point for your customers. That’s why we’ll ensure it's designed to express your point of difference, give you the results you want, and turn customers into loyal followers.

Creating a more exciting and engaging digital experience

Once we have uncovered, gathered and reviewed your customer’s current digital experience, we can get to work with our wider team to implement effective change — not just from a coding point of view, but also the aesthetics, and the core of what will make your site truly scroll-stopping. 

Working together, our digital strategists and designers will create a site that’s aligned with your audience’s needs, so they can achieve their goals faster. That’s because, like you, we understand that website builders and templates won’t give them the rich, immersive, memorable website experiences they expect today.

Take a look at some of the services we offer in UX & Design...

UX Strategy 

Underpinning your digital goals 

Understand your business goals, KPIs, brand values, communications strategies and customer perceptions.

UX Research

Understanding your customers

Build a research plan to understand your customers’ behaviours and expectations.

Assess the current situation, review the competitive landscape and the efficiency of your offering, and anticipate users’ connections and interactions.

UX Planning

Using data to make a plan

Deliver systems, communications and material components of every service across every touch-point, including page-by-page blueprints, prototypes, storyboards and design scenarios.

UX Testing

Reviewing the results 

Test what we know and rate people’s experiences to gain valuable insights with key audiences.

UX Data Implementation

Informing future creative 

Provide usable information that designers, copywriters and developers can begin to use, knowing what audiences need to know, feel and do, leading to appropriate actions and outcomes.

UX Strategy & Design

Creating with the customer in-mind
Our digital strategists and designers collaborate with the UX team to build website content that works smarter and looks sharper, creating a memorable website experience.