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Social Reporting & Analytics

Turning knowledge into results

From data to development

Everything we create is born out of real-life customer insight because the best ideas are those that speak to your customers. To get this key information, we perform regular reviews of your channels and their content. And it’s this data that helps to inform, develop or adjust your social campaigns.

At the end of each month, or the start of a new campaign, we’ll review the performance of your social channels against your objectives, KPIs, and the results of the previous month/campaigns. We’ll gather the data and dive into how your followers received and interacted with your channels during this time. We’ll assess which mediums worked, where content performed best, and create a round-up of these reactions into a detailed report that reflects a broad spectrum of results. 

We don’t just look at the stats, we also dig into your social reputation. This is where we get into the minds of your fanbase, uncovering patterns that lead us to improve the user’s journey. From discovering your content into becoming an engaged audience member into a loyal customer. 

Take a look at some of the services we offer in Reporting and Analytics...

Performance review

Establishing where you’re at
We start by looking at the overall and average performance of your channels – has your following increased? And by how many? Are you receiving, on average, more engagement on your posts? Are you reaching more people? Are more people clicking through to your site or the next phrase of your sales funnel? We’ll ask the questions, compile the data and bring you the results. 

Organic content analysis

Assessing your posts
Organic content is more heavily weighed next to paid media — after all, if your audience is engaged with your content naturally, you have a fanbase who is genuinely interested in what you have to say. To see how your channels are doing from an organic point of view,  we’ll go into the granular detail of how your content is performing, and what factors might be influencing it. We’ll ask, what are the top-performing posts? Why might this be? When were they posted? And compile our recommendations.

Paid campaigns performance

Evaluating the results
If applicable, we’ll evaluate the performance of your paid campaigns. Here, we’re primarily looking at the cost per result, which is a metric that indicates how cost-efficiently we’ve achieved the objectives that were set in the ad campaign. It helps us to compare performance between different campaigns and provides a measure to analyse future performance. We’ll also analyse the awareness (reach and impressions, interest (engagements and click-throughs), and actions (conversions and ROI). 

Audience review and sentiment analysis

Unpacking your social reputation
Next to data, there’s also the task of evaluating your social content from the perspective of reputation — how your audience is enjoying and engaging with your content. To do this, we’ll look at key insights from your current social fanbase, and see how that aligns with your target audience. We’ll also look at what people are saying about your brand; what’s the sentiment behind comments? Can we draw any insights about your products or identify any gaps/future opportunities?

Learnings & recommendations

Figuring out next steps
Once we’ve gathered the data and presented the results, we’ll then draw out any key and relevant insights and create recommendations that will help inform and optimise future content planning. After all, exciting content is only good if it’s meeting your objectives, and with the data we can help to create or amend a social strategy that works harder to do so.