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Social Strategy

Taking an informed approach

Social media plays a significant role in most of our everyday lives. Not only do we log-on for entertainment, information or inspiration, but we also use our preferred platform to communicate — and not just with friends and family, but with brands, public figures and our virtual peers too. As businesses of all shapes and sizes know, if your audience spends a significant amount of their time somewhere, you need to be there too — and social is certainly no exception.

If you’re ready to start utilising this vital marketing channel or feel you could be doing better, you're going to need a strategy. Without one, you’re more likely to waste time and money posting for the sake of posting, rather than curating or creating content that gets results and helps your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose.

At Thinking Juice, before we think about where you’re headed, we take a good look at where you are. A thorough analysis of your activity — such as the platforms you’re on, the type of content you produce, and how your profiles compare to your competitors — can reveal immediate optimisation opportunities, and help gather insights that will inform our approach.


Audience analysis

Identifying your fanbase

Next, we focus on identifying and building a clear picture of your ideal customer, and use this highly-focused buyer persona to determine their behaviour, interests, pain points and motivators, and also where they’re most likely to ‘live’ online. After all, it’s no good publishing to a platform they’re no longer using or yet to be introduced to.

Social manifesto

Rules to create by
Now we move even closer to giving all your future communications clarity, by drafting your mission statement for social. Not only will this mini-manifesto define your purpose on this channel — making it crystal clear what you plan to use your social media presence for — but it will also give you focus, so deciding what to share and how to interact with fans and followers will suddenly feel more straightforward.

Once your mission statement is agreed, we will decide which social platforms are appropriate, which content pillars (or subjects of interest) we will use to help bring your message to life, and, finally, begin to develop content that speaks directly to your target audience.


Content creation

Turning strategy into action

This is the fun part, where we hand over to our in-house studio of creatives to produce a portfolio of high-quality, relevant and timely multimedia content. Without a strategy, this is usually the first step in many social marketing efforts, missing out that all-important thought behind the content — but careful analysis and planning can improve the effectiveness of your activity, and that is worth more than countless assets.

Reviewing results

Assessing and adapting the plan
And finally, because every strategy is a constant work-in-progress that will need adapting when necessary, we will also set periodic reviews and make necessary adjustments to optimize our approach and ensure our work remains as effective as possible.