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What Makes Metrilo the Best Choice for Your eCommerce Store?

Do you run an eCommerce website? Well, imagine if you already knew what your customers are most likely to buy in the coming week. Or, you have already figured out in advance the price to sell your products for maximum benefits.

It would be every business’ dream to be able to read their customers’ minds. Right from what are the top issues that customers could be bothered with, to the time of the day, week, month or year when customers are likely to buy more – all these pieces of information are incredibly important for anyone running an eCommerce store.

This is exactly what Metrilo does for you – it provides business, especially eCommerce stores, with all the detailed analytics they need to deploy the best product mix, marketing strategies and sales promotions.

What eCommerce Analytics Can Do for Your Store

People resort to online shopping for two primary reasons – convenience and discounts. The first calls for a robust supply chain, which comes only when you strike the right balance between supply and demand based on using analytics to forecast future sales. Analytics also plays an important role in fraud detection, signifying aberrant transactions out of common patterns.

eCommerce analytics is also a great way to determine future trends based on the factor of your choice – type of products, size and volume of transactions, and more. You can personalise recommendations for customers, forecast and inventory for the upcoming season and measure different marketing metrics, such as ad clicks, engagement time on your website and campaign efficiency.

In a nutshell, eCommerce analytics can help you know your customers better and personalise their shopping experience for them. This goes a long way in establishing your store’s popularity over time, as well as more efficient management across all levels. But with the industry of data analytics solutions constantly advancing into a congested and highly competitive sphere, is there an easier way for eCommerce entrepreneurs to use data effectively?

Yes, it is with Metrilo.

What is Metrilo?

Metrilo is a powerful online tool that offers a one-stop solution to eCommerce platforms encompassing instant analytics, CRM and email marketing automation. The one-of-a-kind analytics platform gathers processes and reports data that can be used to generate revenue through effective business development.

Launched in 2014, Metrilo is an all-in-one eCommerce analytics service that calls itself a “plug-n-play” growth platform for eCommerce brands. Its powerful customer database has amassed a lot of popularity in a very short time, helping brands increase customer retention and ROI. But what makes it the best choice for eCommerce stores? Let’s take a deeper look.

What You Can Do with Metrilo

Monitoring and Analysis

With Metrilo, it is possible to assess the status of your eCommerce store in real-time. The platform offers ready-to-use features such as a KPI Dashboard, Revenue Breakdown, Product Performance, Funnels, and Marketing Channel Reports which do not require any additional setup. At the same time, Metrilo provides users with Historical Data Sync and Sales Attribution tools to enable its use as a one-stop platform for all their data.

Detailed Insights

Metrilo’s customer database is a pool of knowledge for customer-centric brands and provides them with a peek into the behaviour insights of their customers. This allows them to look deeper into comprehensive customer profiles and customer journeys. Users can deploy over thirty filters to get relevant segments for retargeting and email engagement across various categories of shoppers – idle high spenders, frequent buyers, cart abandoners, holiday shoppers, and so on.

Engagement and Retention

Metrilo offers an integrated email functionality, that renders all data used for highly targeted and relevant email campaigns. Therefore, businesses can personalise engagements for different segments and automate ongoing communication. Tailored emails not just help drive customer satisfaction, but also retain them in the long term.

Sustainable Growth

As businesses work towards customer retention, it has a pronounced impact on other aspects of their business growth – lower acquisition costs, more sales, and better margins. This allows brands to grow profitably without spending too much on paid traffic. In the long run, they can build better customer relationships and empower their business with sustainable business growth.

Three Pillars of Metrilo

eCommerce Analytics

This feature of Metrilo allows businesses to track sales and conversions along with campaign and product performances, web traffic and more. You can monitor visitor actions on your website, and use it to generate easily comprehensible reports. Metrilo’s eCommerce analytics allow you to compare marketing channels ROI, product correlation insights and retention by specific cohorts.


It is Metrilo’s powerful Customer Relationship Management feature that helps build complete customer profiles with information on their actions, product interactions and order history. Businesses can carry out customer segmentation accordingly and design their marketing campaigns in line with these categories. Apart from this, Metrilo’s CRM offers dynamic segmentation, tagging, CSV exports and direct connection with the email marketing feature.

Email Marketing

Metrilo allows businesses to set up successful email marketing campaigns to customers or customer segments in the CRM for greater personalisation. This helps immensely in reaching out to various categories of customers and visitors such as new product enthusiasts, cart abandoners, coupon-seekers, high-spenders, repeat customers, idle customers, window shoppers, newsletter subscribers, and more. Metrilo’s friendly on-platform email composer and performance tracker allows automation to a great extent.

Benefits of Using Metrilo for eCommerce Data Analytics

Metrilo makes data analytics and affordable as well as accessible to eCommerce businesses around the world, whether big or small. Apart from its ready-to-use plugins and detailed data generation, Metrilo offers a range of benefits to users.

Easy and Fast Integration

Metrilo takes only 5-10 minutes to integrate with any platform that you are using for eCommerce website development. It also resolves the need for additional effort in securing back-end integration for accurate reporting and saves web developers a lot of time.

Simple to Understand

Most analytics software is overburdened with complexity, making it difficult to deduce from analyses, understand data and set up reports. Metrilo, however, is an innovative solution that simplifies the entire process for users and automates almost every step of the way.

Historical Data Processing

Metrilo allows its users to easily import any data they have accumulated before using the platform. This helps in better smooth data collation and analysis of the full scope of their operations.

Efficient Web Traffic Reporting

Metrilo’s web traffic reporting feature provides a great opportunity for businesses to view and analyse their top-performing channels, besides exploring new avenues for further marketing efforts.

Retention Analysis Breakdowns

With Metrilo, businesses can keep a track of any repeat orders by customers, thus paving the way for a consolidated database on retention rates by cohorts and product sales. This helps businesses make informed decisions and improvements regarding campaigns, product revisits and business development.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

A very important aspect of sales analysis for any business, conversion funnel analysis helps businesses understand which efforts worked where and to what extent. What brought in hesitant shoppers on board? What proved effective in bringing in paying customers? What managed to bring in repeat shoppers? Metrilo’s detailed conversion funnel analysis helps businesses understand this and much more.

Product Performance Tracking

Beyond the performances of campaigns and web pages, the performance of individual products and product categories also goes a long way in optimising product choices, presentations and marketing campaigns. Metrilo makes this possible for businesses with its special Product Performance Tracking feature.

Live Support

When it comes to handling something as complex as data, there are bound to be questioned. Metrilo’s 24x7 support comes in handy in this regard.

Final Words

Metrilo is the best choice for eCommerce stores if they want to monitor more than just what’s happening on it, and expand the use of data to drive sales and profits. Multiple team members can work in sync on the platform at no extra cost with a special 14-day free trial, that lets businesses try all of Metrilo’s features, tools and insights for using data marketing.

Thinking Juice offers all-around web development and design services catering to all the requirements of eCommerce stores. Our expert team can help you use Metrilo seamlessly for extracting data analytics for establishing strong customer relationships and sound business development in line with your goals.