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Locations, Talent & Styling

Finding the best of the best.

It’s not just the click of a camera that makes a great shoot. In fact, there’s an entire planning process that goes into putting all the right pieces of the puzzle together — otherwise known as pre-production.

As part of our end-to-end services, we offer pre-production planning that takes your content to the next level. We have members of the team who are skilled in scouting both locations and talent, finding you the best backdrops and/or models for your brand. The team works collaboratively, between art directions, the production team and the client to achieve one streamlined vision for the shoot(s). 


Finding the backdrop to your brand

We’ve shot in all kinds of locations across the world for our clients. From the bow of a jet tender in the Mediterranean sea and the rolling Scottish Highlands to abandoned suburban warehouses and luxury country manors; we’ve been there, shot it and proudly created content from it. When it comes to finding the right spot for your business, our team is diligent at researching potential locations, and we have a library of spots we can call on from previous experiences. When it comes to finding new spots, we are reactive in finding exciting new settings and visiting them on a recce to ensure it ticks the boxes. 



Having sourced models, influencers and actors for almost every shoot we’ve done, we have built up a back-catalogue of trusted talent, which we are always adding to. For you as a brand, this means us being quickly able to find the right people to show off your product or service. We can also source new talent outside of our network, and negotiate with them on your behalf to discuss the ins and outs of them working with your brand. 

Along with creating and sourcing the perfect setting and people, we can also help dress the shoot. Whether you need us to suggest looks for talent or discover props that will add to the set, we can research and source as much or as little as you need to best show off your business. We also have a wider network of reputable fashion, food and product stylists, as well as hair and make-up artists, who with our and your guidance, can assist in really making your product/services shine. 

For your peace of mind and reference, we also produce cohesive planning documents containing all the vital details, from locations, talent and styling to shot lists and shoot plans that help to create a clear idea in everyone’s minds of what will be produced from the shoot. It also works as a great internal tool for you to use to help sell-in any ideas to your wider team, or the powers that be.

We’ve done this for some of the world’s biggest brands, brightest start-ups and most ambitious challengers.
Get in touch so we can help you find locations, talent and styling.