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Integrated Campaigns

Cut through, stand out and get the results you want.

Beautiful campaigns that work. 

When it comes to creating stand-out integrated campaigns, our motto ‘it’s only a good idea if it works’. At Thinking Juice, we create award-winning, effective campaigns by doing the big things beautifully and the small things brilliantly. And by producing them on-time and in-budget.

Using traditional and digital media, we’ll find new and exciting ways for you to achieve your business objectives. 

We like to think of campaigns as a whole — from the very first mailer, to the 8-foot high digital billboard — because we know that getting the message right means keeping it consistent, relevant and most of all, memorable. Whether you’re looking for a tailored brand campaign that tells your story, or you want to scream and shout about a specific product or service, we can help put you in the spotlight and make your business shine. 

To do this, we lead by asking the right questions about your customers. What do they really want? What do they need? What would they like to see from your business? We start by understanding your audiences and unravelling critical consumer insight, which forms the basis for all our thinking. Our aim is to deliver above and beyond the brief, to dig into what makes your brand, product or service so good, create a narrative around its truly unique selling point and tell that story to the world through a fully-integrated campaign. 

From here, we turn this powerful insight into an out-the-box creative campaign that works across the board. 

We’re channel neutral, which means that we work across all platforms, online and off. We create campaigns with a channel implementation strategy in mind, and adapt content so that it looks as though it was tailored for that specific platform, and delivers maximum results. So that each element of the campaign is working hard to drive engagement and brand awareness it’s own right.

Our goal is to create beautiful campaigns that are designed to be as effective as possible. That makes a positive impact on your brand, business and customers and works hard to get good results. 

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Turning strategy into reality

For us, the key to creating ideas that work can only come from real customer insight. It’s all well and good creating something beautiful, but does it speak to your customers? By working closely with our Strategy team, and using customer research as the basis of all our creative, we form campaigns that resonate with people in an exciting and engaging way. That, on behalf of your brand, says ‘I get what you’re about, and I like you for it’. In the conception phase, we work as a team, in a room, with our ideas, to think up the campaign as a whole and find the running thread that will ultimately sell you, your brand or your product to customers. 

Idea Development

Creating a campaign look and feel and tone.

Once we have the ideas in place, we start to look at what the concept(s) would look like, what they might sound like, and how it makes people feel. We create a world of suggested colours, type, imagery and words that sets the style of your campaign visually and tonally, and gives us a guide to stay consistent with.

Channel implementation

Making content effective for each platform

As a channel neutral agency, we don’t take platform sides. We want to make each campaign work best for you — which is why we tailor the visuals and wording within the campaign to work specifically for different channels. So that wherever someone sees or whatever level they interact with your campaign, it is optimised for maximum impact. Because each communication counts.

Live content

Maintaining campaign momentum

Even after your campaign has gone live, there is still work to be done. First, there’s monitoring the seamless rollout of assets, and checking to see everything is in order. Then there’s incorporating any live influencer and active content (such as interactive assets or competitions). For us, this work is just as vital as creating it in the first place, and our team is ready and on-hand to work alongside you to ensure your campaign is active and effective throughout. 

Results & analytics

Testing, tracking and tuning
We track and measure all of our work and document the campaigns live and in-store to pull together results and case studies for our clients. We monitor campaigns during and after they go live in order to test their effectiveness, track progress and fine tune where necessary, so that we can ensure maximum results. 

Making budgets work
Our Creative team is used to working with budgets big and small, and we always aim to go above and beyond. We tailor ideas to maximise the impact on what you can afford, so that you can rest assured that your budget is going a long way and the work you’re getting is worth every penny. We thrive on finding new and exciting techniques to make things work for you, even if it isn’t as you first expected it. And we give each and every campaign our heart and soul, regardless of its monetary value.

We’ve done this for some of the world’s biggest brands, brightest start-ups and most ambitious challengers.
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