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Influencer Marketing

Getting your brand in front of new audiences.

Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest-growing developments on social media.

It’s not a new concept — to have people detached from your brand directly promote your product or service, after all, people have been selling on soapboxes since the 1920s — but this tried and tested tactic works. However, navigating the world of influencers and know who and how to collaborate can be a minefield, which is where we come in. 

Through Influencer Marketing, we can help get your brand in front of new audiences. By sourcing, planning and managing influencer campaigns from end to end — for small and large budgets — we can coordinate gifted and paid collaborations with maximum results. 

We’re here to help you find influencers who personify your brand and bring your products or services to the forefront of potential new customer’s minds. 

The beauty of Influencers is that they have already built up an organic following of highly engaged individuals. And because influencers are people, not brands, they already have established a high level of trust with their audience. Well, we want to utilise that trust to get people spreading the good word about your business. 

Our aim is to find people who are the perfect match for your brand. We already have a network of reputable influencers who we have worked with on a variety of different projects, which we can recommend and negotiate with for your social campaigns, but we are also equipped to find new collaborators. And we’ll work to your budgets to find the ideal fit. 

There are many ways we can help with your Influencer Marketing, here are some of the services we offer…

Strategy and planning

Outlining the campaign
Before we start sourcing social media influencers, we’ll work on a strategy that outlines the criteria and requirements of each influencer (e.g. social following and relative engagement, location, potential reach, credibility, categories etc). This will help us work with you to identify and discover influencers who are aligned with your brand’s personality and values and will help spread positive word of mouth in an authentic way. 

Sourcing & vetting

Finding the right people
With a strategy in place, we will utilise our established network of influencers, and our team’s expert outreaching, to identify influencers who meet the criteria. We’ll complete our research and dig deeper into each influencer by examining their authenticity and their audience using the HypeAuditor tool. We’ll be looking at their engagement rates, authenticity, audience authenticity and relevance, and activity. And we’ll compile and present our research, to work alongside our clients in finding the right people for the job.

Recruitment, negotiation & contracts

Sorting out the finer details
Once you’re happy with the suggested influencer(s), we’ll reach out to them or their agents, to establish terms, negotiate costs and confirm contracts. It’s in this negotiating phase, which our team is very familiar with, where we cover all the finer details so that both everyone in the loop is satisfied with what is being asked for. We’ll draw up the relevant paperwork and get influencers to sign so that requests are binding, and work can begin. 

Content creation

Making it happen
Now that terms are in place, the creative can get going. We’ll act as an intermediary between your business and the influencer/agent to produce content as agreed. And we can shape the creative as much or as little as required. We can set specific parameters for which the content is created by, or we can simply work to ensure everything is on schedule. In any case, we’re here to ensure the job gets done. 

Asset roll-out across influencer and brand channels

Ensuring content delivery
Working with a third party, such as an influencer, it’s vital to ensure that promised content goes out, and moreover, is posted on-time and correctly. Once the work has been completed, we’ll monitor your and your influencer’s channels to manage re-shares, collect feedback and gather insight as to what your potential new customers are saying. 

Reporting and analytics

Assessing the results
The final piece of the influencer marketing puzzle is gathering the results. We’ll report on results from campaigns, to see how well the activity worked for your business. For paid influencers, we’re able to request data-driven results like engagement rates and reach from their own respective channels as well as assessing our own. For gifted influencers, we’d be more focused on conversion rates like Stories shares. Either way, we will complete a full analysis and deliver you the results — and further actions should you need.