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Why should you choose Hubspot as the platform for your CMS, CRM & marketing requirements?

The world of marketing has seen radical change, especially in the past few years. Just one generation ago, business and trade largely involved the shipping of goods, lots of investment and restricted to a few luxurious establishments and individuals. Today, the world of business has opened up to an entirely new dimension; the proliferation of the internet is a major factor behind it.

Today, the key to success for a business lies in being able to make a marked presence online. Starting from the number of prospective customers to gaining a wide base for popularity, it is in using the internet as a powerful tool that can assure that businesses reach their outlined goals.

Nothing beats a lively, resourceful website replete with great content. It only improves your website’s visibility but also helps improve the brand-building objectives for your business online. Well thought out, quality content is an asset to any business today and helps them shape their relationship with potential customers much better and faster than any other form of reach. No wonder, businesses and brands globally are resorting to content creation and collation, no matter what their niche.

Why is a CMS like Hubspot important for web development?

A content management system is a program that allows you to create, modify and publish digital content using a simple interface. Although the internet is replete with several content management systems, the best ones are those that offer a user-friendly backend interface for hassle-free web development, such as HubSpot.

Content management systems allow multiple people to share access to a website while collaborating on multiple projects at a time. They can easily edit, add and update content on the site from their respective devices. Besides, the hierarchies in terms of access, permissions, and roles can be easily assigned to different team members using a content management system.

A CMS brings together the benefits of website development and content management tools – two aspects you cannot let go of when planning to grow your brand online. Besides, it also helps you merge your website and marketing management efforts through feature-rich tools for integrated solutions. Your website being the front door to your business, choosing the right CMS is extremely important for its growth.

What is HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot is a one-stop platform that comes packed with all the tools you need for controlling and expanding your website. The popular content management system takes away the hassle of managing the website and instead allows you to focus on building campaigns and content that can boost growth.

The HubSpot CMS offers one easy-to-use panel to ensure that everything is well-connected across your web development platform. This allows hassle-free supervision, one-stop reportage, clear and terse feedbacks, as well as an easier overview. HubSpot CMS offers an integrated platform for taking care of website design and content, HTML, security, personalisation, analytics, and performance, along with social media integration.

Benefits of building your website on Hubspot CMS Hub

Offers easy and fast website building

CMS Hub was built keeping marketers in mind. The platform offers hassle-free creation and editing of pages, relying on development as much or as little as they want. Many traditional content management systems compel businesses to choose between flexibility of design and ease-of-use for marketers, but not both. HubSpot is different – you can choose the tools of your choice to build robust websites that are easy to edit and expand.

CMS Hub offers the feature of local development tooling. Therefore, developers can write code using their preferred tools and workflows, and then easily sync files to the CMS. Also, the feature of intuitive drag-and-drop page editing along with global content and style editing tools makes it possible for marketers to build and update web pages much faster. Therefore, if you are building your website to collate quality content and drive huge traffic onto it, HubSpot is the right platform.

Provides in-depth marketing analysis

Analytics are extremely important to be able to register marketing success, no matter how much effort you put in. HubSpot CMS allows you to monitor your website’s traffic using efficient built-in analytics software and report missing data. It also provides detailed insights into bounce rates, reasons behind these bounce rates, performance scale over time, and some tips for improving your performance.

Fully integrated with other HubSpot products

The out-of-the-box experience that HubSpot CMS provides is partly due to the solid integration it provides with other impactful products of the platform. It natively integrates with HubSpot’s powerful CRM, allowing web developers to replace their patchwork solution with a unified system that can help build personalised experiences.

Besides, CMS Hub opens the doors to access several powerful tools by HubSpot dedicated to marketing, sales, and service to name a few. From flexible chatbots to email marketing, social media management to lead capture flows, HubSpot has created special APIs for web developers to access these all when creating or managing websites. Additional tools integrated with the CMS encompass functions of blogging, forms, SEO, CTAs, web analytics, A/B testing, and more.

Default responsive design

The worldwide mobile-commerce share in e-commerce is set to reach 72.9% globally by 2021. Therefore, making your website mobile-friendly is an absolute must if you want to drive huge traffic to it, and all sites built with HubSpot boast of providing exactly this. Using CMS Hub, you can create websites that look and work perfectly on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Besides, you do not even have to put in too much extra effort.

HubSpot CMS offers basic templates that are responsive by default, so even if you create a website out of scratch, the platform still ensures it is mobile-responsive. Though this feature might not hold in all pre-set themes, you can always hire an experienced web developer who will not have to rely on pre-built templates at all.

Built-in security, speed, and reliability

CMS Hub is counted among the top performers because of its infrastructural and technical advantages, security being the most important of them. The lightning-fast CDN offered by HubSpot combined with pioneering security using Web Application Firewall and SSL certification contribute to the enhanced reliability of the platform.

CMS Hub also offers automatic image compression and optimisation, automated page and file caching on both server and browser levels, and serverless capabilities for enterprise accounts. HubSpot is stress tested to serve over 86 million page views per day. With a 99.999% uptime, HubSpot is the right platform to use for scalability, considering you expect higher traffic volume on your website as it grows.

Google AMP support

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you insert AMP markup on your web pages, Google loads them almost instantly on mobile devices, thereby contributing to a seamless search experience for the user and higher traffic for your website. Pages with AMP markups also rank higher on Google’s search results, and this is something you want. HubSpot CMS provides AMP support for all web pages developed on its platform, freeing you from the need to manually mark them up.

A tight-knit community

HubSpot is one of the best platforms that developers like to work with, meaning there is a rich community of reliable developers working towards website development using HubSpot CMS. Experienced developers can shape business websites out of scratch using HubSpot’s supportive framework, and come up with unique web products that voice your brand’s identity.

HubSpot allows brands, content creators, and web developers to take ownership of managing websites, without them having to do everything manually for the purpose. Providing highly personalised user experiences, HubSpot can slim down even huge tasks through its built-in tools and features. No wonder the platform was called the “Best Web Content Management Software” by  G2 Crowd , one of the world’s leading business software review platforms.

Are you planning to use HubSpot within your next website or digital project?

At Thinking Juice, our team of experienced web developers are skilled at using HubSpot CMS to enable the realisation of your business goals. No matter what your specifics needs and niche, we can work with you toward custom design and development that fits your vision. What Thinking Juice believes is that a rich customer experience goes a long way in establishing solid relationships, and this is exactly what we cater to.