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Visuals that are more than meets the eye.

We are living in an increasingly visual age — a time where what you choose to put out in the world represents more than just what your brand looks like. Aesthetics have evolved at hyperspeed; it’s no longer enough to just create something beautiful, it has to mean something too.

When it comes to Design, we take a thoughtful approach, diving into the deepest parts of your business to create work that grabs people’s attention and gets them thinking, talking and sharing. From the arch of a line, to the placement of a headline and all the details between, we consider each and every element, putting them together to create a design that harmoniously brings your key message to life. 

Good design is the difference between getting noticed or not. We pay attention and give the time that’s due to create quality, award-winning design across the board. So whether you need a single post for your social channels, or an entire Out of Home campaign, our experienced team is here to help. 

Our designers are client-facing, so you can talk directly to the people working on your content. It can be tricky trying to translate your brand’s vision, which is why being able to sit down and have the conversation with your designated creative team can lead to quicker, better quality results. It also opens the door to new ways of thinking, where your and our ideas come to life in a way that you might never have expected creating that all-important cut-through to your customers. Our team prides themselves on pushing the creative boundaries, to show your business in the best, most exciting way possible. 

Here are just some of the ways we can help in Design... 

Designing identities

Bringing the symbol to life

We work closely with the wider creative team to bring your logo to life. We pay attention to the little details that make a big difference, from how the letters of your brand’s font sit to the colours and icons that make up your signature stamp, so that you have a symbol that you can be proud to put across your product or service. 

Designing brand look and feel

Putting your world together

Certain things define a brand — and it’s important to know what these are, in order to ensure that your brand is always uniform and instantly recognisable. Much like logo design, we work with the wider creative team to put the pieces of your businesses’ world together, and form the basis of your brand’s ket identifies together so that when it comes to creating content you always have a set of principles to work from. 

Designing communications

Helping you stand out from the crowd

From the towering heights of an OOH billboard, to confines of a 4x4 social asset, we craft communications for every format, and we design specifically for each platform. When it comes to creating exciting and engaging assets, we like to get inside the mind’s of your customer’s and think about how they would not only look at your communications, but also how they might interact with them too. Because this is where truly unique, and out-the-box ideas are born. 

Designing for production

The makings of a great ad

Before the title plates roll on a brilliant film ad, or the motion graphics can come alive on your assets, our Design team carefully builds the elements needed for these vital production components. With their creative eyes on the project, it ensures that every element is on-brand and engaging for your audience. So whether it’s creating characters for animations or building the individual elements for interactive digital ads, our talented team of creatives can help. 

We’ve done this for some of the world’s biggest brands, brightest start-ups and most ambitious challengers.
Get in touch so we can help you with your design needs.