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Content Strategy

Hard-working content that brings your brand to life

Digital has opened new doors and enabled us to explore even more new ways to tell your story and communicate with customers. But with our attention spans becoming increasingly short, and so many brands fishing from the same pond, every piece of content you create should be designed to cut through, stand out and give prospective customers a compelling reason to learn more.

We believe, to get results, considering the “why” of your content has to come before the “what”, and that a comprehensive strategy which informs and guides everything you publish often separates compelling work from messages that simply disappear into the sea of social media or get lost within the depth of your website.

Not only will a well-defined strategy expose which subjects are relevant to your brand (revealing why they’re important, what they say about you or product, and why they’ll be of interest to your target audience), it’ll also strengthen other marketing activities.

Beyond producing compelling messages that encourage the right people to stop, take notice and listen to what you want to say, effective strategies should also encourage engagement and seek to generate a two-way dialogue, allowing you to better understand what your customers want and creating opportunities to gather insights that will enhance your output.

At Thinking Juice, we start by getting under the skin of your brand, learning who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different, before really getting to know your prospective customer - analysing their behaviour, and building a clear picture of their interests, pain points, and motivators. Finally, we consider your goals, ambitions and business objectives to develop a strategy that will determine and shape the content you need to produce in order to turn followers into loyal fans. 

Once your strategy is set, you’ll have the reassurance that every piece of content you produce serves a purpose.

The ultimate outcome of this initial work is a tactical content plan which documents the specifics of how to execute your strategy, as well as who will be handling each task, and finally a publishing calendar. This is the granular detail - the monthly, quarterly and yearly plan that we commit to a schedule that includes the what, the where, and the when. 

And because we believe collaboration between teams is paramount, our content strategists are present throughout the creative development of their approach - ensuring any work that’s produced fulfils the brief and really brings your brand to life.

Finally, to guarantee your content marketing programme remains on target, we’ll periodically revisit your channel strategy and core topics, and review performance and team processes, to ensure our approach remains relevant, effective and accounts for new opportunities.