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Content Planning

Creating consistency and maximising your results.

Making your content count. 

The key to keeping your followers engaged is quality, considered content. Social platforms are a space for your customers to escape, educate and express themselves, and their feeds are a place that they carefully curate with accounts that help them do so. Which means that it’s important to take what you post seriously.

That’s not to say it’s all action, promotion and ‘look at us’. In fact, the best content speaks to your followers on a human level, where your key sales messages add to their time spent on social media, rather than make it something they want to zone out from. And this is where we come in. 

At Thinking Juice, we create social content led by carefully considered strategy that helps us inform how we can most creatively and effectively deliver your message. 

We’ll take a look at your brand and see where you fit into your customer’s lives and how you play a role in the wider context (such as national holidays, events, or big news), and we’ll bring it together in one curated plan for the length of your campaign or month to month content calendar.  

But the role of Content Planning isn’t just to curate and deliver your content. With social’s fast-moving and ever-evolving space, we’re constantly staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advice to influence the content we produce. With organic reach declining on social media, we have to be smarter about our content. With need-to-know tricks that’ll work to the algorithm and increase the likelihood content will be seen, we can manipulate ranking signals that get your posts seen by existing and, moreover, new followers. 

From conception right through to getting the content live, we offer an end-to-end service. And our in-house team of experienced copywriters, content planners and social media managers work collaboratively to ensure consistency across the board. 

Take a look at the services we offer in Content Planning…


Mapping out content
Once we’ve established what you want to achieve with social media, we’ll create defined content pillars to map out content. These pillars — informed by holidays, events, industry insights, key trends, and new data gathered from channels — will give content a strong foundation to be created from, so that every post has purpose. 


Finding the right words
Once the skeleton of the plan has been approved, our internal copywriting team will flesh it out with copy that’s reflective of the brand’s TOV. Using the plan as a guide, we’ll create cleverly craft copy that excites and educates your followers, and encourages engagement. We’ll find the best way to deliver your key messages in a way that speaks to your customers and really helps get your brand personality across so that your community can come to rely on your platforms as a source for things they want to hear about. 

Asset creation

Bringing content to life
With an in-house creative and production team on hand, we can not only plan, but also bring your content to life. Everything from photography, videography, design, animation. Working closely across teams allows us to make your content consistent, and more impactful —  it also allows us to continue your branding into your communications, building up a recognisable style and tone across your platforms. We’re always up-to-date with the latest social dimensions and best practices to ensure content is always social-first.

Content scheduling

Putting the plan in place
Once everything is signed off, we’ll use our scheduling platform Socialbakers to schedule in all content, at times and dates when your audience is most active. We use data gathered from your platforms in this way to improve the likelihood content will be seen. Ultimately, we’ll boost your presence and grow your following.