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Community Management

Building loyal and engaged followers.

Social media has opened up a two-way communications stream for brands and consumers; a place for consumers to voice their opinions and for brands to develop more intimate relationships with their audience.

But with this amplified scale comes the need to closely monitor online conversations; to keep your finger on the pulse to maintain your brand’s online reputation. Community management is about showing your audience you care. It’s your personal touch. Your social media PR. Your always-on customer service. 

Acting as an extension of your brand, we can help you to connect more deeply with your existing community while building an entourage of new and engaged followers. We’ll help you focus on connecting, rather than collecting. After all, if you have to buy your friends, are they really your friends

Management of post comments and messages.

It’s important that you show your fans you care what they think, respect what they have to say, and want to have purposeful interactions with them. But social is fast-paced and consumers are constantly searching for instant gratification, so while we need to appear diligent and personable, it’s just as important to ensure we’re doing so in a timely manner. As the old saying goes, time is of the essence. 

We’ll reply to all post comments and direct messages as standard. But we’ll also go that bit further by asking questions and encouraging conversations that will drive deeper connections. And with organic reach on the decline, this is more important than ever. Why? Because Facebook’s algorithm uses ‘ranking signals’ based on a user’s past behaviour to determine which posts to show them, one of which being who they typically interact with. So the more someone engages with your brand, the more likely your future content will be shown to them. 

Social also provides a great opportunity to gain valuable, raw product feedback and to identify future opportunities and trends. That’s why we’ll always keep an eye on the conversations and sentiment surrounding your brand and products, and feed back to you any key insights.

Community outreach.

Community management isn’t just about managing your
own community; it’s about building visibility and credibility with a whole new audience. From potential customers to brand advocates, we can help you to seek out conversations with people that matter; people who are most likely to be interested in your brand. Whether it’s jumping into a conversation relevant to your brand, or starting a chat with someone aligned to you, we’ll kickstart the communication between you and your potential customers. 

Social media competitions and giveaways.

Your followers are your customers, and they deserve to be rewarded. Not only are competitions a great way to excite and engage your existing audience, but they provide a cost-effective way of amplifying your brand. Expect to see a rise in your social media followers, but also a behind-the-scenes increase in brand awareness. 

How? Facebook’s algorithm favours popular content, so the higher the engagement, the more chance it’ll be shown in others’ News Feeds. We can help you create regular competitions that’ll build a buzz around your brand. And we’ll take the stress out of your seat by looking after everything from initial planning, right through to prize management.

Ultimately, great content will help you stand out from the crowd, but effective community management will set you apart from your competition. And by connecting more deeply with your audience, listening to what they have to say, and learning from their feedback, you can be a cut above the rest. 

Think of us as your social eyes, ears and voice.

We’ve done this for some of the world’s biggest brands, brightest start-ups and most ambitious challengers.
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