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Why Consider BigCommerce for your eCommerce Website Development?

The world of eCommerce has been expanding at an unprecedented rate globally, with the number of digital buyers having touched 1.92 billion worldwide in 2019. One of the largest economic drivers today, eCommerce sales continue to proliferate as more and more goods and services are getting listed by retail sellers online.

This makes one thing clear – more and more brands are going to take the online route if they haven’t already. This heightens the level of competition in the field of eCommerce by several notches, making it incredibly important for you to build an engaging digital store to attract customers better. The answer lies in quality website development, something BigCommerce allows online stores to do.

The Importance of Web Design for Customer Service

Customers would want to come back to your eCommerce store only if you provide them with the best experience – but what does this include?

Well, the best eCommerce website experience entails fast-loading and visually appealing websites, mobile responsiveness, a clear resonance with your brand identity, modern time-saving features such as live chat, social media links, SMS and customer feedback services, one-click checkouts and so on.

As you see, much of the focus when it comes to developing an attractive website lies in impactful web design. Your website is the public front and voice of your brand’s identity and is the best way to build stronger customer relationships. However, such an optimized and user-friendly digital platform comes only through the combination of a successful development model, technical expertise and design skills. Thankfully, BigCommerce equips you with the first requisite, while we take care of the rest.

The Advantages of using BigCommerce for Website Development

Easy to Use and Hassle-Free

One of the most appealing benefits of using BigCommerce for developing websites is that it is extremely easy to use. Building an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional website on the platform does not require you to be a professional coder at all. It also offers seamless app integration with a single click along with easy theme customization using drag-and-drop features.

Therefore, if you are just a beginner and are looking for a basic website design for your digital store, BigCommerce is a hassle-free solution that does not require you to be an expert. At the same time, it also provides enough room for you to take professional help in developing your website through endless customization for unique results.

Readymade Templates for Various Niches

BigCommerce has an entire gallery of several ready-to-use templates that you can choose and tweak to get amazing results for your website. The themes encompass a wide variety of niches, touching almost every eCommerce industry you can name. These editable themes save a lot of your time because they are already put together for the best eCommerce experience and can adapt seamlessly to your store’s specific needs with a few tweaks here and there.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

One of the most important features of a user-friendly website is its ease of use across different devices. This is where BigCommerce stores big, with its responsive templates that work well across mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. With the mobile commerce sales share in e-commerce projected to reach 72.9% by 2021, a responsive website is exactly what you need for more conversions.

BigCommerce provides open API lending web development agencies with a free hand in customizing your chosen theme. As they work on elements of your website design, they can preview how the page will look on a particular device, say a particular brand handset. This helps developers preview changes in real-time, saving a lot of cost and time in making the website device-friendly later on.

Flexibility for Editing

Any experienced web development agency will tell you how important flexibility is when it comes to themes. What if the current theme does not work out so well and you need a swap? This is again an area where BigCommerce is a hit, for it allows seamless transitions from one theme to another, with enough room for flexible adjustments.

Web developers can customise themes using CSS and HTML editors offline as well. They can later upload the changes to the Theme Editor before going live. However, coding is not a prerequisite unless you want major changes to the theme – minor modifications can be handled with just a few clicks and no technical expertise at all.

Inventory Tracking and Management

The best thing about BigCommerce themes is that each of them comes loaded with all the different sales and marketing tools an eCommerce website would need. This makes your website as self-sufficient as desired for handling the fundamental functions of a digital store.

However, if you want to add and integrate some specific applications or functions to the theme, you can do that too. With the special feature of inventory tracking and management, you can set rules and stock levels for all your products. This management feature helps you determine the stock level that triggers email notices for low or out-of-stock products.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Settings and Analytics

One of the main concerns of eCommerce companies is high cart abandonment rates. eCommerce brands lose around $18 billion in sales revenue annually because of cart abandonment by customers. So, what is the solution? Checkout optimisation and cart recovery mechanisms.

With BigCommerce, you can prevent customers from forgetting about their carts by automatically sending out customised emails to them about their pending purchase. At the same time, you can improve their checkout experience using strategies such as adding a CTA to help them add items to their cart, giving away gifts or free samples, or suggesting other products they should look at. You would be surprised to note that checkout optimisation can increase conversions by a whopping 35.62%!

Get the Right Web Development Partners for your eCommerce Website

BigCommerce offers everything that a digital store owner needs to look out for today – scalability, flexibility, functionality, analytics and intuition. Yet, it is always recommended to hire a professional expert in web design and development to help you make better decisions and move beyond the regular built-in features of BigCommerce which a thousand other ventures are already using.

At Thinking Juice, we offer all-round brand development from strategy to design, communications to marketing, content production to broadcasting. If you have a concrete vision and are ready to take up the challenge of designing a new store, our fresh ideas and expertise are the right partners for you!