Wessex Internet believes rural communities deserve better internet today. As a business that was born from the founders frustrations with the unreliable internet connection delivered to their farm this was a brand that understood, and had decided to solve, the challenges that their neighbours in the countryside encountered everyday. We knew that passion and purpose defined this rural internet provider, and set out to deliver a new brand proposition and visual identity that would reinforce this outstanding difference.

Powered by community


After working with the brand and leadership team, and conducting in-depth interviews with prospective customers, we soon realised that Wessex Internet’s commitment to always providing the most-underserved in their market with great – rather than good enough – was the key.  

While the world increasingly turns toward digital services and solutions in education, commerce, and healthcare, those who lack adequate access remain disconnected from the essential services many of us take for granted, or are instead told to accept ineffective, unreliable and expensive rates when it comes to their broadband.

This digital divide, and the industry’s continuous lack of interest in connecting those that live in the countryside, had resulted in residents feeling frustrated, confused, and abandoned.

What truly set Wessex Internet apart from the competition was their frustration with the status quo, and their determination to offer a solution – a reliable, superfast fibre broadband provider that actually cares about the people it serves, and that exists to make connecting digitally an affordable and convenient reality for rural communities.

Unlike many broadband service providers, Wessex Internet thinks outside the box, which means they’re able to deliver superfast broadband to places other companies are unable, or unwilling, to go. By working with communities to identify ‘not-spots’, and building full-fibre networks supported by government investment, the business is able to provide a reliable and future-ready service direct to homes and businesses – no matter how remote. 

This was a company committed to building an effective network by working with their community, and that was determined to make it work for everyone.



Wear your heart on your sleeve

 (and your van)


With our newly refined positioning as a challenger brand that explicitly exists for the rural consumer agreed, we set about creating a visual identity that would bring to life our new proposition: Connected We Go Further.
While it was necessary to be visually progressive and reflect the innovative nature of the product, we also needed to balance this with the truth that Wessex Internet had built a strong reputation of being intimate and honest – a business that was professional and polished but very different from their flashy, opportunistic counterparts from the big city.

With this in mind, our approach started with the simplest of foundations…

We agreed early on that nothing says ‘countryside’ quite like green, and that adopting a variety of vibrant shades of this one colour as our primary palette would create distinction and show the brand’s single-minded commitment to rural customers.

Next, we developed a brand icon that took inspiration from the undulating hills found in the Wessex countryside. This gentle and uncluttered marque also included an abstract W pathway to demonstrate the brand’s ability to effortlessly navigate their surroundings, and guide its customers through traditionally complex products and services.

Accompanied by a down-to-earth and natural approach to art direction and photography, as well as a familiar, no-nonsense tone of voice, this new identity perfectly captures the personality and purpose of a brand that champions rural communities across the South Coast.