The partnership has been established with the objective to deliver a communications idea that will launch the rebrand with vitality and resonate with a carefully targeted audience. Historically, UBU has struggled to effectively communicate with consumers due to the complex distributer network they operate in.

This project will engage directly with customers – the majority of which are ‘confident & bold’ 20-30-something females – for the first time in order to increase awareness and cultivate excitement for the brand like never before. Work is already underway to help further define the brand’s personality and tone in a way that can be translated into each unique cultural market.

“Challenges will always be presented to a global brand like ours that wants to engage aptly with a variety of mature and complex markets. We’re really excited to see what creative ideas Thinking Juice can deliver and we’re thrilled to be engaging directly with our customers in the UK for the first time.” – Nicole Body, Global Marketing Director.

We’re excited to be working with the Urban Beauty United team at such an important time in the business’s journey.