Grab a cuppa, sit down and get comfortable – because we're getting to know Account Executive and resident shopaholic Hollie Climie.

What do you do at TJ?
Account Executive.

A brand I think is killing it at the moment is… Hirestreet. Jumping on the sustainability bandwagon – but making it stylish. You can ‘rent’ outfits that would tend to cost hundreds of pounds, for a fraction of the price. All you do is select how many days you’d like to have it for, and return it after you’re done!

What’s your favourite brand refresh?
I really liked the Chilly’s brand refresh once they distinguished themselves in the market. Keeping their new design simple but distinctive. I also love seeing what other brands they partner with to create different designs on their products. Helping to save the world, one pretty reusable bottle at a time. 


What work that you’ve been involved in at TJ are you most proud of?
Having only been here for a few months, I’ve been lucky to be part of a whole range of projects. On a day to day basis, we manage the social media accounts of Badger Beers, a local brand to us who are stocked in major supermarkets across the UK and in local Hall & Woodhouse pubs. Being involved with the process of creating each month’s content, from planning the calendar, shooting creative to the execution of posts is such a rewarding experience when you get to see the response on social.

I think the biggest opportunity for brands today is… focusing on the individuality of each customer and their needs. It’s time brands stop grouping us consumers together. A great example of this is Bloom and Wild – they’ve recently been giving people the chance to ‘opt out’ of certain marketing campaign emails (e.g. Mother’s Day/Valentine’s Day) if you’re subscribed to their database, in case you have personal reasons as to why you don’t want to receive them.

What’s the one app you would highly recommend everyone to use?
I’m currently using Plum to help me save money this year – as I’m majorly into treating myself, this helps top up my savings account by rounding up my purchases and putting away a little bit of cash every once in a while each month; and you don’t even notice it!

Everyone should follow @ormistonhousedesign on social media because… this house is AMAZING. If you’re into restorations and interior design, then take a look – the owner, Ciara, bought this extremely derelict Ormiston House, which was the former home of Lord Pirrie (who was the man behind the Titanic!).

If I didn’t work at TJ I would work at…
Vogue – as a Fashion Editor. I mean, have you seen The Devil Wears Prada?

The one word I would use to describe TJ is…
I can’t just use one word! Let’s just say that we work hard, and play even harder!