Next in line for our quick-fire Q&A is self-titled 'Chief PowerPointer' and shark-loving Chris Cardew.

What do you do at TJ?
Head of Planning.

The most exciting thing about the marketing and creative industry today is…
The drive for diversity in talent. At TJ we find people from a real mix of backgrounds, of different ages and of different skill sets, not just a load of people who did advertising planning and creative courses (we have some of them too and we love them).

As we work on less traditional briefs and increasingly have to help brands evolve to have more cultural relevance, having a real mix of people helps us find fresh perspectives on client briefs and create work that is more relevant to more people.

A brand I think is killing it at the moment is… because…
Gousto. I used to be proper against these home delivery ingredient box things as for me it was a super overpriced thing for people who didn’t have the imagination to think about what to cook for themselves. But I was so wrong.

I think Gousto have not only nailed their marketing through some smart influencer partnerships and direct marketing, but the whole proposition totally makes sense to me now.

It’s actually really good for reducing waste, encourages healthier eating as the recipes are all balanced and helps people explore new foods as all the recipes are varied and can be personalised.

My favourite advertising campaign of all time is…
Snickers – You aren’t you when you are hungry.

It took the most authentic and brilliant consumer and product insight, leveraged it through a really excellent and funny creative execution and found a really smart way to use social media and influencers to activate the idea. And it sold a truck load more chocolate apparently. The holy grail of good ideas. I wish I had come up with it.

The work I’ve been involved in at TJ that I am most proud of is…
The relaunch of American Apparel in the UK last year. It was an opportunity to get stuck into a big challenge and work with a brand I personally love. We delivered some bold and beautiful work and got the chance to work with a really brave and progressive marketing team. The trip to LA wasn’t bad either.


I think the biggest opportunity for brands today is…
Undoubtedly the chance to use their marketing to make a positive impact on the planet, and encourage their customers to take more responsibility. I pay a tenner a month to Surfers Against Sewage, which is nothing really, and they use what limited money they get through donations to try and clear our oceans of the crap people leave behind after buying from big brands. Any brand that sells packaging has both an opportunity and responsibility to help them with this.

The one app I would highly recommend everyone should use is…
Anything that keeps children entertained when one is trying to enjoy a pint or meal in public, in relative peace.

Everyone should follow… on social media because…

I’ve got three.
On LinkedIn and Twitter If you are a planner or want to get into planning, you need to follow Julian Cole. He shares amazing resources, ideas to steal and general inspiration and has an awesome newsletter called Planning Dirty.

On Instagram – @dronesharkapp, I’m a bit obsessed with sharks, and this is a daily feed of videos posted from these dudes in Sydney who capture sea life in the local area from the air. Incredible scenes.

And @wonderandrah because it’s my wife’s amazing brand and it’s kick-ass.

If I didn’t work at TJ I would work as a…
The person who runs the allotment at the Pig Hotel, please.

The one word I would use to describe TJ is…