Next up in TJ's quick-fire Q&A is Senior Front-End Developer Aimee. She's keen to build you a website. (And we know you'll want her to.)

What do you do at TJ?
Senior Developer

What’s the most exciting thing about the development industry today?
A few years ago, the industry was moving at such a fast pace that it was impossible to keep up. There were new frameworks coming out all the time, so as soon as you learned one, there was another demanding your attention. Needless to say it was slightly exhausting! Things have calmed down now, and there’s really just a few big players who survived and are still popular today. So, I think the best thing about the industry now is the chance to settle down with your favourites and become an expert in them.

What’s your favourite website at the moment?
No developer can do without Stack Overflow. Whenever you’re stuck, the answer is there!

What’s your favourite development tool of all time?
Sass is a tool that lets you organise your CSS code. It provides the ability to use variables and functions, which aren’t normally available in CSS.  This just makes it so much quicker to code and much easier to maintain. I can’t imagine developing without it now.

What do you think will be big in digital in 5 years?
Although it’s been around a while and hasn’t quite taken over the world yet, I think the ’Internet of Things’ is going to continue to steadily grow and ultimately become a huge part of our lives. It’s estimated, for instance, that 1 in 5 homes already have a smart speaker.  There are massive opportunities for automation if our appliances are all online. One day, we might have a TV that can pause itself when the doorbell rings!


What do you think is the most important thing about a website?
Ease of use.  This is especially important on mobile where people tend to be trying to achieve a specific task quickly, rather than being there just to browse.  There’s a commonly quoted statistic that half of users will leave a site within 15 seconds if they can’t find what they want. So, it’s really important when designing a website to consider what the user is there to do, and then make it really easy for them.

What is the one app you would highly recommend everyone to use?
I love photo book apps – I’ve made loads of them!  We take so many more photos these days than ever before, and yet most of them just get forgotten somewhere on our devices. I use Popsa – it’s quick and easy to combine photos from your phone and social media accounts into one printed book.

Who should everyone follow on social media?
I’d love to see people using the internet to connect more to their local communities. It might not sound exciting, but I think there’s more value in it to real life. I follow my local library, local businesses, local scrapyard and local homeless shelters.  They might be running an event, or they might have a request for help.

If I didn’t work at TJ, I would work as a…
Well, if I could pick anything, it would be a travel photographer!

The one word I would use to describe TJ is…