With another new year, comes another flood of optimistic new year’s resolutions around the agency ­– most with the desire to become fitter and healthier human beings. Whether it’s to ‘lose two stone before summer’, or to ‘go to the gym every day’, the week began with determination and high spirits.

But it got us thinking. Are we setting ourselves unobtainable goals to fit within our busy lifestyles? While working with a range of health, fitness and wellness brands, we’ve seen the problems consumers face when trying to achieve new health goals – and for us, it comes down to convenience. If it’s going to disrupt your normal day-to day life, it probably just won’t last.

So how do you overcome this? After a long discussion, we agreed that you must work around your life to create new routines that fit within it. As an around-the-clock agency, we understand that an hour-long gym session each day and three freshly-prepared meals is far too much to take on, so we decided to start small.

We created a list of our five favourite, easy-to-prepare recipes that will help you start achieving your goals, one step at a time. Handpicked by us, and packed full of healthy ingredients, these simple and delicious meals are super easy to pre-prepare for a busy week in the office, and won’t leave you feeling sad and hungry.

After all, they say a six pack is made in the kitchen, so let’s start there.

Ollie’s overnight oats.

Ollie sometimes finds himself rushed off his feet before his strenuous cycle to work, so he started prepping these tasty overnight oats the night before. After burning up a sweat, they keep him energised throughout the day, take only moments to prepare, and give him more time to groom his beard in the mornings.

Find the full Joe Wicks recipe here.

Hazel’s detox smoothie.

Hazel had a great time eating whatever she wanted over the festive season, but needed something to shake off that lingering sluggish feeling. She says the best way to give your body a cleanse is with this superfood-heavy smoothie. After her beach run, she’ll blitz it up and have it for breakfast, or later that day as a detoxifying snack.

Find the full Del Monte recipe here.

Mark’s chicken veggie portions.

When it comes to healthy eating, preparation is the key to success, and boy does Mark know that. He’s spent years stocking up on Tupper-wear to organise his nutrient-packed meals in. These easy, grab-and-go office lunches are not only convenient, they’re also a delicious and wholesome alternative to any chicken salad.

Find the full Picky Palate recipe here.

Emma’s stuffed peppers.

After falling in love with these on a Del Monte photography shoot, Emma has never looked back. She says these stuffed peppers are a real lean winner. Topped with cheese, and packed full with protein and veggies, they keep her full and content for hours. Veggie? No problem. You can swap the mince for Quorn or quinoa.

Find the full Del Monte recipe here.

Hannah’s dessert bowls.

Hannah once said, ‘You should always be able to enjoy dessert when you’re eating healthy’, and we couldn’t agree more. To satisfy her sweet tooth after dinner, she’ll whip up this little bowl of goodness. Full of nuts, dark chocolate and fruit – it serves as the perfect balance of satisfaction and nutrition. Pure bliss.

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Happy New Year everyone.