In the world of advertising, five years feels like a lifetime. But we’re proud to say plenty of the team have been here longer than that. In our new blog series, ‘TJ Lifers’, we’re talking to the people who have seen the agency grow for many years to find out more about why they’re still here to tell their story.

First up is TJ veteran, and Head of Copy, Dave.

So, how long have you been at TJ?

Six years. Although, it only seems like yesterday when I was given 24 hours to complete a copy test that included five mini briefs.

What was your first role here?

A humble copywriter.

What’s your role now and what does it entail?

I’m now Head of Copy. In a nutshell, I’m a senior member of the creative team responsible for producing effective, beautiful work, as well as writing content and ensuring the copy output is of a high standard.

In your time at TJ, what’s been the biggest change?

The size of the agency. When I started there were around 20 of us, now it’s about 50. Understandably, the type of work we do has changed considerably too as the industry continuously evolves.

And what’s the biggest difference in your clients?

Their notoriety. Six years ago we worked with some well-known challenger brands, such as Mizuno and Wyke Farms. But as the agency has grown, so has the prominence of our clients. We now work with even more high-profile, consumer-facing brands such as Vans, Barbour, Del Monte and Kenwood, which is great for the agency. And my book.

What’s been your most memorable moment at TJ?

“We’ve had some monumental client wins at TJ, but one in particular that stands out is CAT. An awful lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that pitch, and it was an amazing feeling when we were told we’d won. The bars in Bournemouth did particularly well that night.”

And what are you most looking forward to next?

We’re attracting a lot of interest from some big brands at the moment and I’m really excited at the prospect of getting to work alongside them. Watch this space.

Ultimately, what’s kept you at Thinking Juice?

The team. I’m fortunate enough to work with some brilliant people, that not only produce great creative, but are good people too. We have fun in work – and out. And so long as we stick to our ‘no dicks’ employment policy, I’ll be here for many more years.

If you enjoyed the first edition of our ‘TJ Lifers’ series, keep your eyes open for the next instalment, coming soon.