To celebrate the launch of The Lounge Co. today, we interviewed CEO Julian Neal to get his insight on the brand's creation.

The Lounge Co. was developed for 30-50 year olds, with an innovative, multichannel business model designed around the customer.

Julian identified a significant structural shift in the furniture market. At the same time, though fundamental consumer behaviour had not changed at all, and here lay an opportunity.

The Lounge Co. invested in a fully responsive website and a customer care team so that orders can be made over the phone. However, offline remains the key channel.

Within a month of launching their London gallery at 104-108 Chiswick High Road today, The Lounge Co. will be rolling out concessions with 20 independent retail partners.


Each of the galleries will feature one of every product style and two large touch-screen kiosks.

Across the range, there are 18,500 combinations and the kiosk’s #goconfigure function will ensure designing the perfect sofa is easy and enjoyable.


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Our nearest store is David Phipps in Ringwood.

Creating the brand.

Established competitors in the 30-50 market; Loaf, Made and have all successfully developed character that customers like.

Therefore, The Lounge Co. has worked hard to represent its brand in a warm and aspirational way to connect emotionally with customers.

Evidence of this can be seen across the range in The Lounge Co.’s charming naming convention.

Sofas have female names, their counterpart accent chairs are their brothers, and footstools have been given surnames. All names also feature the ‘odot’ branding device, giving them further distinction.


“I find Hiut Denim inspirational because we share the mantra about doing one thing well. If your customers want your product, receive great service and value, they’ll choose you. Your brand and advertising should be the icing on the cake.”

Julian Neal, The Lounge Co.

The goal for The Lounge Co. in the next five years is that everyone from the age of 30 to 50 with an interest in stylish well-made furniture will know the brand and consider purchasing a sofa or chair for their home.