At 9am on Thursday 29th April the Thinking Juice and Sideshow teams are joining forces in a 32-hour challenge to travel 1000 miles for Dorset Search and Rescue. (That’s 31.25 miles every hour!).

Through the pandemic, the charity has seen an increase in demand yet a 40% drop in fundraising. So, with both agencies situated moments from the beautiful beaches of Bournemouth, and many of the team having connections to the charity in one way or another, it felt like the right time to offer our support.

The goal is to raise £5000. Team members will all be pledging their miles — whether it’s 1 mile as an individual at lunch or 100 miles as a team overnight, every mile counts. And the more inventive the way to achieve those miles, the better. So far we’ve got the overnight legends pledging to cycle through the night, the 10 mile relay team and the mini wanderers (those with the kids).

But the challenge isn’t just about getting out there and exercising. It’s fundamentally about bringing the team together in new ways. So we’ll have the admin and support teams helping to keep people motivated and the operation running from the office HQ.

The challenge will start at 9am on Thursday and finish at 5pm on Friday. 1000 miles is the aim. Will we go the distance? Only time will tell. If you’d like to support the team and the Dorset Search and Rescue then please click here.