We are delighted to announce that Thinking Juice was the winner of two awards at the 2nd Recommended Agency Awards in London on 31st March 2011, along with coming 2nd in the Grand Prix award.

The award-winning agency who was ranked in the UK’s Top 10 agencies in 9 categories, was named ‘Best in Creativity 2011’ and ‘Best in Effectiveness 2011’.

The RAR are one of our favourite awards of the year because they are based on independent research of client companies reviewing their marketing partners.

The RAR aims to produce an independent scoring system for agencies across the UK, where agencies are ranked by discipline and the quality of their work in a range of categories. In the latest research we scored an incredible 100% for creativity, effectiveness, client service, professionalism and strategic thinking. Making us one of the highest rated agencies in the UK, and the leading UK agency in creativity and effectiveness in our category.

Debbie Watt, Client Service Director, said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted for everyone at Thinking Juice. It’s a huge endorsement of our work. Since the day the agency launched we have promised to give our clients  ‘Fresh ideas. That work.’ And winning best in creativity and being named as the most effective agency in the UK cements that promise.”

These awards follow a string of client wins and a very successful 12 months, topped off when the agency was named Marketing Industry Advertising Agency of the Year UK 2010.

Gellan Watt, MD and Creative Director, added: “It’s amazing. Coming second in the Grand Prix award was awesome too. We’re working so hard for our clients, and taking on new and exciting challenges that the team are rising to brilliantly. We have big plans for the next couple of years, and this is a great reward for everyone’s efforts. The marketing landscape is changing fast, and we’re doing everything we can to stay one step ahead for our clients.”

The Bournemouth based agency were in the running for the following awards:

• WINNER Best in Creativity 2011
• WINNER Best in Effectiveness 2011
• 2ND – UK Grand Prix Award
• RUNNER-UP Best in Advertising 2011
• RUNNER-UP Best in Integrated 2011
• RUNNER-UP Best in Direct Marketing 2011
• RUNNER-UP Best in Sales Promotion 2011
• RUNNER-UP Best in Professionalism 2011
• RUNNER-UP Best in Client Service 2011
• RUNNER-UP Best in Strategic Thinking 2011