The Brief

With over 100 locations across the UK, Miller & Carter is now one of the UK’s largest mid-market steakhouse chains.
Unlike many mass market steak restaurants, Miller & Carter’s ‘field to fork’ story sets a new standard in terms of quality and ethical meat sourcing, sustainability and their investment in training to ensure their chefs are the best in the market at preparing and cooking steak to perfection.

In 2018, Miller & Carter became the first brand in the UK to receive an endorsement from the Craft Guild of Chefs for its commitment to quality, an award as yet not received by any of their competitors.

Our task was to make steak lovers aware of Miller & Carter’s quality credentials and convince them that despite being a chain, the brand could guarantee a quality steak that wouldn’t let you down.

The Work

We started by refreshing the brand’s Steak Story – an introduction to Miller & Carter that would explicitly communicate the proof points behind its quality claims and would live across its owned media channels. We created a narrative built around Four Stages of Excellence – Sourcing & Selecting, Ageing, Cutting and Cooking the perfect steak.


We then developed a consumer-facing proposition – Masters Of Steak. This simply articulated Miller & Carter’s unrivalled quality offering and could sit alongside the Craft Guild of Chefs accreditation.

MOS Logo

Finally, we created an impactful paid social campaign that brought to life for steak lovers the effect of Miller & Carter’s commitment to quality – an irresistible, mouthwatering steak.

Borrowing from the truth that some things in life are so good it’s impossible to hide your feelings towards them, our social campaign captured the taste-bud-tantalising moment guests took a mouthful of great-tasting, perfectly cooked steak, demonstrating what we like to call The Miller & Carter Effect.

Reaction Stills

Our thumb-scroll-stopping content was delivered through a digital and social campaign from April to July, capturing the key Easter and bank holiday season and driving brand awareness ahead of the notoriously difficult summer trading period.

“This was our best-performing Miller & Carter advertising campaign to date in terms of video view-through rates, clicks and conversions to online booking. We’re on an exciting journey of brand growth, and TJ are instrumental in helping us get there.”

Juliet Oosthuysen, Miller & Carter Head of Brand Marketing.