Last month the digital wizards at Thinking Juice put their heads together to write for Web Designer Magazine in celebration of their 250th issue.

The magazine gathered together some of the brightest minds in digital design and asked them to share their advice about how to plan, design, build, test, launch & market a website. Here, we’ve shared some of the knowledge written on the subject of testing…

The golden rules

Rule 1: Test a variety of devices and browsers to see how they render.

Rule 2: Test your sites crawlability and find errors to fix.

Rule 3: Analytics.

Rule 4: Optimise and test digital experiences powered by data.

Rule 5: Qualitative customer feedback – H2H.


Recommended Tools

GT Metrix

Test your site speed and see recommendations to improve (

Browser Stack

Test a variety of devices and see how they render (

Google Adwords

Built-in split testing feature, test changes on a portion of the auctions that your ads participate in (


The world’s leading experience optimisation platform, providing website and mobile A/B testing and personalisation (

Screaming Frog

Test your sites crawlability and find errors (

AWR Cloud

Test your Google rankings and analyse if they’ve been positively or negatively affected (


Review your total number of backlinks, different referring IP’s, subnets (class c blocks and such), unique domains, and the types of backlinks the site has (

Survey Monkey

Ask qualitative questions to understand what users think of your site (


Ensure people are not duplicating your content (


Top Tip

We can have so much data but ideally we need insights – what are we going to do with the data to make it valuable? A Lean Analytics Cycle helps you to Hypothesise, Experiment and Test, Measure and Analyse and finally Act.


If you want to find out more, you can buy a copy of the magazine from the magazine’s online store here.