Creativity by the coast.

So, what have I discovered? That Bournemouth, renowned for its golden sands and OAPs, has buckets more to offer than fish and chips and bingo.

It has a creative ecosystem that’s flourishing and is very much alive and kicking with culture. I understand why it’s becoming an ever-popular career destination for creative types from further afield.

Home to an impressive collection of advertising agencies and digital boutiques, with start-up tech companies sprouting up overnight, there’s a real creative scene. Communal creative workspaces promote collaboration and offer creatives with a change of scenery, as well as freelancers with free office space.

Digital runs deep.

There’s a friendly digital community who regularly organise social events and meet-ups, and there’s an abundance of coffee shops, brimming with colourful characters armed with notebooks and pads. It seems you do not have to go far to come across someone who is working on something interesting. What’s more, everyone smiles.

Happy days.

The thing I admire most about Bournemouth and its creative industry is the genuine love people have for where they live and work. No one has a bad word to say. Everyone looks out for one another, and there’s a real sense of belonging that flows through the community. And with most people coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and parts of the country, everyone brings something different to the table.

So far, in my short time at Thinking Juice and within Bournemouth, I’ve come across some truly talented people who all share a passion for what they do.

I look forward to what the future holds and have my flip-flops at the ready for summer.

Other things I’ve discovered about Bournemouth:

  • Batman (Christian Bale) went to school here.
  • Special effects students from Bournemouth University were part of the team responsible for the production of Oscar-winning movie, Gravity.
  • Bournemouth has the best sunsets.
  • There’s an American food diner with the power to make vegetarians think twice about not eating meat.