Thinking Juice lend a hand at Meetdraw’s ‘Briefs Against Humanity’ event.

Meetdraw was set up to provide a creative hub in Dorset and to nurture local talent. They do this by hosting events throughout the year, for everybody from students to industry leaders, that fuel ideas and inspiration (often aided by beer).


Their latest event, ‘Briefs Against Humanity’, was held at the Lost Paradise bar in Bournemouth – and our development team was at the very heart of it. They created an interactive touch-screen installation, built on the principles of ‘Cards Against Humanity’, but with an ad agency spin.

The web app they produced collided random components of a brief (action, product and target audience) to give contestants one brief out of 13,500+ possible outcomes. They then had two minutes to unleash their artistic talents and sketch out ideas.

TJ_Meetdraw_Briefs_Against_Humanity_2 TJ_Meetdraw_Briefs_Against_Humanity_3

People were queuing up for a go!

Although, a drink token for taking part might have helped a bit, there were over 100 entries. Some were really well thought out and others were totally random, the latter occurring later in the night for some reason.


The event and app was a huge success, with extremely positive feedback from digital and creative leaders and the other 200+ people who attended. It was great to be such a key part of the latest Meetdraw event and we’ll hopefully be first in line to develop the next digital installation at future gatherings.

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