Thinking Juice, the award-winning advertising, digital and branding agency based in Bournemouth, has designed the official fantasy football website for the Saudi Arabian ‘Zain’ Premier League with our sister agency ArchNemesis under the lead of of global web and technical development agency TekSymmetry.

The concept was created by HRH Prince Abdullah, a fanatical football fan, and is now officially licensed to the Zain Premier League. The brand ‘’, identity and web design were all created by Thinking Juice and ArchNemesis.

The site posed a number of technical challenges, not least designing two versions of the site in Arabic and English. The ‘first soft-launch’ release of the site has gone live in Arabic, with later releases (within the next 2 months) integrating video and other web 2.0 features, and the English language version.

Guy Stradling, Digital Manager said “ is a huge achievement for the team. The site is an absolutely huge technical development – with many challenges, not least designing for  left to right for the English version and creating an exact opposite version of the site working right to left for Arabic.”

“We’ve worked with an excellent technical development team based in KSA TekSymmetry, that were the lead company on the project and it has been a great example of working across borders with a number of agencies with no problems whatsoever.”

“With regional offices in a number of countries the Thinking Juice team are well versed working with multiple languages and designing for regional preferences and trends. It’s a very exciting time for everyone involved.”

The agency are now working on hard-launch communication plans for later this year.