We're delighted to be working with Rio soft drink to revitalise the brand and creative.

We love working with culture brands, so are thrilled to announce we will be working with Rio to make the brand even more fit for purpose for a new generation of soft drink drinkers.

Rio – best described as sunshine in a can – has enjoyed cult status in the past as an icon of the convenience store, giving it an edgy status and reputation for being the alternative go-to carbonated fruit drink for those who wanted something different. 

The soft drinks category has changed in the last decade due to new market entrants, changing shopper behaviour and cultural shifts driving changes in attitudes towards health and wellbeing. These market dynamics have driven Rio’s desire to refine and continue to assert its positive position in the market. 

Over the coming months, we will be working with Rio to refine its brand essence and purpose, which will lead to a new brand idea and accompanying creative and communications plan. We will also be responsible for all social and content creation. 

We can’t wait to get started – watch this space for newly refreshed Rio content, coming your way very soon!