It is no coincidence that some of the most successful companies in the UK are also some of the best known.

Design isn’t just pretty pictures, flowery typography and use of colour. Great design paints an accurate picture of your organisation. Benefits, product difference, unique selling points and approach to customers can all be conveyed in a matter of seconds, with the right visual image.

The general aim of visual design in business is effective communication. That doesn’t just mean getting your message across. Design and creativity in business handles the way you get your message across, with impact and accuracy. A design and visual strategy ensures corporate communications are consistent, contributing to the overall perception of a business.

Why is all this important? Let’s consider what we ask of our customers and clients. When expecting them to buy or use ‘our’ products and services, over a competitor, we are asking them to choose ‘us’ over ‘them’. How can we stimulate this choice? And why indeed should they choose us? Cutting prices is one way, but it’s expensive and rarely sustainable. The other is to establish product and corporate difference – conveying the positive value-added reasons to choose you, through design and creativity.

There are many ways to achieve this, but a visual design strategy is an excellent starting point. Well designed corporate materials, that fit together contribute to a successful business strategy and positive corporate image. It is vital that corporate literature and marketing collateral works together, with a consistent look and feel.

When marketing materials don’t seem part of the same whole, often the work against each other. From a customer perspective this is the same as one sales person saying one thing, and a colleague saying the opposite. It often confuses customers and leaves them with a negative or inaccurate impression.

It is also vital to remember, that in some industries, it is ONLY design, marketing strategy and creativity that differentiates companies. In this case, it is investment in design and marketing communications that keeps them in business, creating desire, and establishing reasons to buy.

Improving visual and corporate image should be viewed a worthwhile and essential investment. Your marketing material is the face of your company, often the first contact with most new customers.

Unifying corporate identity and visual design does not have to be a painful and expensive process. Corporate identity, advertising and marketing design consultants are well versed in putting cost effective and results driven visual strategy in place for all sizes or business. It is our role to nurture corporate image and brands, exposing unique corporate qualities to potential and existing customers – allowing you to profit from design.