When I created the Pick, I wanted to prove that inspiration could come from anywhere, and that to stay relevant we designers must absorb as much knowledge as we can. So for the first time ever, we’ve decided to offer the Pick to you too and I hope you enjoy it.

Naomi Campbell & Taschen Team Up.

Publisher, Taschen has released a limited edition book about Naomi Campbell, showcasing her portfolio, beautiful editorial shots and autobiographical texts at the bargain price of $2,500. The book ties together fashion, graphic design and art; with British pop artist Allen Jones creating a replica of Naomi’s chest to encapsulate the book. They say print’s dead but not if Naomi’s involved. Here’s hoping they release a cheaper edition soon… See More.

Drag & Punk, Forever.

Netflix’s RuPaul has an annual convention in LA that celebrates the art of drag. They streamed various seminars including a panel about the relation between drag and punk culture. Featuring Henry Rollins (old school punk artist) Alaska (Drag Queen) and The Boulet Brothers (club kids) the panel discussed how the two subcultures were likeminded as a result of being outcast from main stream society; Both use art and design to project political views and get themselves noticed. In short, subculture is about standing out and knowing who you’re aiming your craft at, just like advertising. Watch More

Louis Vuitton Embrace Diversity.

Leading on from Drag, Louis Vuitton is dominating the luxury fashion market right now. It seems as though they’re trying to expand and feature more of an ‘inclusive’ approach. First off, they have appointed Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith) as the new face of their womenswear collection – a bold step in the direction of gender-neutral fashion. As well as touching on LGBTQ rights it has given people something controversial to talk about, boosting Louis Vuitton in the public eye. Another ‘controversial’ move by LV has been the use of a video game character to front their SS16 Series 4 collection. The concept behind the actual collection was ‘Heroins’ so it follows. Either way, they portray women as powerful and it stands out in their marketplace. It’s exciting to see how video game culture, almost contemporary culture, is now influencing other areas. Read More.

Trend Alert: Botanical Beauty.

A sizeable trend that’s emerging across retail is the Botanicals trend. Simply put, it’s the method of placing leaves and flowers on what would usually be clean, crisp white backgrounds. It started with Scandinavian furniture then moved to fashion and is now storming into advertising and marketing. A nice example is Paperchase’s summer shop front. I’m hoping this trend opens up advertising to take on more of a Scandinavian approach in general, using more white space in design and very simple typography, but we will wait and see.

Grimes Is Doing It For Herself.

Not only does she write and produce her own music, singer-songwriter Grimes directs her own videos, illustrates her album covers and also edits and illustrates her own interviews. She’s pushing the boundaries of a traditional ‘artist’ and selling her work as a complete package that she can truly call her own. She’s also created an interactive music/video experience which is meant to launch soon and I cannot wait. She’s a constant source of inspiration when it comes to uniqueness and it’s really intriguing to watch how she chooses to market herself, staying true to the product. Read more.

Trend: David Drake’s Neon

British photographer David Drake is another great source of inspiration. Famous for using neon signs in a lot of his work, he tries to portray ‘The American Dream’. You might recognise his work from The 1975’s new album cover and promos. He shoots typographic pink neon signs of track titles from ‘ I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are SO Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It’. What’s interesting is the lead singer Matt jokingly tweeted about wanting to sue the UK Government for copying his style with their EU Referendum guide. But is using such an iconic art form plagiarism? To be decided. Either way you can definitely sense a trend beginning as the signs have started to reappear elsewhere including in the latest music video by Lana Del Rey. See More.