Known as one of the most influential women in hospitality, Greek-born London-based designer Afroditi Krassa is the visionary behind the interiors of some of London’s most iconic hospitality brands, from Dishoom to Itsu and Gordon Ramsay.

Afroditi’s award-winning hospitality interior design, branding and creative studio AfroditiKrassa took a radical new approach to hospitality back in 2002 and has since become known for creating some of the most iconic projects of the past decade.

As you can imagine, we were thrilled when Afroditi approached us with the opportunity to support them in building their newly designed website. They wanted an easy-to-manage platform where their stunning work could come to life, but also a place where they could easily update and add content to share their latest projects, news, events, and more.

Gladly taking on the challenge, we set to work on building them a website based on their designs. The site was built so that pods, components, pages and content could be replicated and amended with ease, while also being considerate across devices. A site where they could make sure their search approach could be amended swiftly to respond as search engines change their algorithms, and where they can see the activity on-site.

The result was a stylish website that showcases their beautiful designs in a user-friendly way – a place where beauty and functionality come together.

TJ x Afroditi_Feed Image 1 TJ x Afroditi_Feed Image 2 TJ x Afroditi_Feed Image 3

We’re looking forward to working with Afroditi on a couple of exciting upcoming client projects, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, head over to to check out the full website.