From Hello Kitty to the Sex Pistols, we’ve worked with iconic shoemakers Dr Martens on a series of campaigns for their latest product collobs. And we’re proud to present another: in partnership with British engraver Johnny Dowell — aka King Nerd.

The task 

Our task was to conceptualise the new collaboration and pitch a unique wrapper for the launch of two new shoe styles featuring custom metal etchings from King Nerd himself. So, we started with the backstory. 

The work 

Dr. Martens are known for their passion for customisation, and the general idea of wearing who you really are with pride, so it only felt right to put the “making” at the forefront of this campaign. 

With this in mind, we concepted a rugged and raw fly-on-the-wall shoot in King Nerd’s studio, showing his meticulous craftsmanship — with tools, offcuts, and sketches as the backdrop to the finished products. 

The results 

We’re thrilled to say that the work is now live, available to see here. Both client and artist are extremely happy, and we’re keen to see how the work transplants now it’s been leaked onto their social feeds.