Badger beers from Hall & Woodhouse have a rich heritage, dating back to 1777, of crafting unique, characterful beers. We had the pleasure of developing their new brand to make it as distinctive as their beers.

Badger have always moved with the times due to the constantly evolving beer market, but following the recent shake-up with the advent of ‘craft’ beers, a new brand identity and approach was needed to give them more stand-out in this crowded space.

Bringing the Badger brand to life.

The strategy we developed was based on a key insight that: a Badger beer is much more than a beer. Each one has over 240 years of craft, unique flavours inspired by Dorset’s beautiful rural countryside and legendary tales, generations of brewing skill, and naturally filtered spring water in it. Their beers are like no others, which make the moments when you enjoy a Badger truly special.

Off the back of the strategy we created the brand line: Anything but Black and White. This perfectly encapsulated the uniqueness of their beers and linked directly back to the Badger name. It also gave us a strong, bold and simple art direction. To create further cut-through, we injected a new light-hearted wit into the tone of voice to reflect the brand’s personality.

The beer lovers’ version of winning the lottery.

The brand launch was kicked off with an amazing competition, where beer fans could win the chance to brew their own beer at the iconic home of Badger beers, the Hall & Woodhouse brewery in Blandford, Dorset. The beer, which they could name (within reason), would also be served in their local Hall & Woodhouse pub – a true ‘money-can’t-buy’ prize.

Multi-channel brand re-launch.

We brought the brand to life across multiple touch-points, from the design and build of the new website, to pub POS, social channel content and digital ads. Since going live at the end of May, the feedback on social about the brand evolution has been extremely positive, which was echoed by the Badger marketing team:

“Working with Thinking Juice over the past six months has been an absolute pleasure in so many ways.

While being new to the Badger brand, they have worked closely with us to really get under the skin of the brand and help us shape and bring to life the new evolution in our communications with the Anything but Black and White campaign. It was so exciting to land a big idea that was spot on brand and that delivered so much of the personality we wanted to express.”

“The team at TJ have also been amazing at delivering some big projects in a short space of time, showing their ambition and dedication to Badger – two values we hold dear here at Hall & Woodhouse. They are a great bunch of guys and gals who we consider a part of the family.”

Gwen Risdale, Head of Beer Co Sales & Marketing, Hall & Woodhouse.

David Rose, Head of Copy at Thinking Juice added: “With their unique British heritage and independent family story, this has been a great company to work with. Made even more special by helping them to evolve their brand to be more deserving of their characterful, flavoursome beers. Plus, they kindly send us free beer.”

Take a look at the new Badger website:
Read the case study here.