Our creative team is looking for a Creative Sidekick this summer. Could this be you?

• Are you full of bright ideas?
• Are you blessed with a a brilliant eye for design?
• Are you made out of pixels?
• Would you rename your cat ‘Social Media’ to get attention?
• Are you a lovely person?

If so, we could be offering you the opportunity of a summer placement, working alongside our award-winning creative team.

What do I have to do?
Simply tweet @thinkingjuice why you think we’d like to work alongside you this summer. That’s just 140 characters to blow our minds. You can link to anything you like – but not a typical portfolio. Don’t forget, simplicity sells!

If your tweet does the trick, we’ll get in touch, and ask to see some of your work.

Once blown away by your staggering talent and big ideas, we’ll arm you with a pen, some paper and a Mac and really test your creativity this summer. This is a BIG opportunity.

Note to remember, we’re looking for fresh ideas that work. So tell us something we don’t know!

Apply before 6pm Monday 13th June 2011 to be in with a chance to become our Creative Sidekick this summer working on some big brand briefs.