It was a cold, rainy night in Manchester, at a charity function organised by NABS. A hugely important charity. The National Advertising Benevolent Society. And important support system for the ad business.

NABS has helped a number of my colleagues and their families over the years. The great misconception about the ad business is that it’s all fun, glamour and wine bars. Not so. It’s officially one of the hardest working and most stressful industries to work in. It’s not all wrap parties and high fives at an agency. And NABS is there to help pick up the pieces for those that need it.

Back to business. I was lucky enough to be asked to interview a hero of mine, before his ‘Audience With’ performance. Sir John Hergarty. Of BBH fame.

If you don’t know Sir John, or John as he prefers, you’ll know his work. He put Levis in the Laundrette. He wrote ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ for Audi. Put simply, he’s nothing short of an advertising legend.

Below is the interview. It was one of the top five moments of my career. Just behind second place – being named UK Advertising Agency of the Year. And at number one, opening the doors of TJ with my business partner Debbie nearly ten years ago. Heady days indeed.