In Germany, the 4×4 legend, Jeep, is giving 75 people the chance to win a can of mud as part of their new campaign. Yes, a can of mud.

No, it’s not the result of their marketing team being tight with the budget and not wanting to spend money on a decent prize (like one of their cars). Jeep ‘Mud Mask’ is a clever piece of PR that’s born from a real insight that their vehicles spend more time on school runs and shopping trips than being put through their paces, trekking across harsh terrains and battling the elements.

Playing on this insight, the light-hearted campaign offers people the chance to give their car some tough love, while also reminding them to go off-road and have some fun every now and then. 

The campaign consists of a website takeover, including a witty description that proposes shiny, clean Jeeps are a symptom of adventure deprival something that can easily be combatted with a unique Jeep Mud Mask… or a good old-fashioned trip through the countryside. 

This is a great example of a brand using its consumersbehaviour to their advantage. Embracing it rather than shying away. And it just goes to show how a powerful insight can lead to a great idea. Something we value very highly at TJ.