Some thoughts on the new world of ‘popularity marketing’ by Adrian Durow, Head of Search and CRO.

There are some that think SEO is dying. They believe that this very moment it’s being rushed to hospital. Blues and twos in fact.

You could argue, they have a case!

Having suffered years of cynicism and bad management, it’s looking like SEO is finally paying the price. Many digital marketers are praying it pulls through, but Google aren’t shedding any tears having been plotting the downfall for years. Recent algorithm updates have moulded the final nails for the SEO coffin.

But smart marketers are not ready to say their goodbyes just yet. SEO can survive and live a long, healthy digital life. But perhaps in a new form.

SEO has long needed major surgery to unblock vital arteries of standard links, basic optimisation and uninspired keyword research. To take search performance to the next level, marketers need to revive it with innovative content strategies that compel audiences to react, engage and share. Combined with an injection of interactive social media promotion, SEO will flourish.

These are no longer SEO campaigns, we now call it Popularity Marketing campaigns which combine:

• Ethical SEO practices
• Compelling content strategies
• Social media optimisation

This is what we specialise in at Thinking Juice. We don’t simply optimise sites, we know how to make them popular – integrating brilliant content with brilliant channel planning and search practices. Popular sites rank higher on Google and gain more attention and visits from other sources, and ultimately gain a much greater return on investment.

From the creation of mXML sitemaps to engaging social media communication strategies, we will get your target audience to search and find your site, link to it, talk about it, repeat visit and share your content – giving you a more powerful brand.