We’ve been working with British heritage brands since 2003. Many years have passed since then and we’re still helping transform some of our nation’s much-loved brands.

Why? Some might say it’s because we’re really good it at.

But it’s more than that.

We’ve got a genuine passion for it.

It’s knowing what to take forward and what to leave in the past.

We love brands that have a legacy behind their name. It inspires us to create rich, authentic campaigns that tell unique stories in compelling ways, so they standout against their competitors. Executed in contemporary, stylish ways using innovative approaches, our work not only looks stunning, it works beautifully too.

“We love working with TJ, they’re a great company who really get to know their customers, enabling them to deliver on brand and creative campaigns.”


It has the power to open new doors for you, appeal to new target audiences, breath new life into your business and create new collaborations. Ultimately, we’ll get you the results you want.

Success built on strong relationships.

“The creativity we encountered on day one hasn’t changed, and it is backed up by a commercial understanding of our business and growth plans.”

Williams Jet Tenders

As one of the UK’s highest rated and most recommended independent integrated agencies, with a huge amount of big agency and big brand experience. By working closely together, we’ll connect with your brand on a deeper level to help create a unified sense of purpose.

A story, a why and a team of people that believe in it, and live by it – so your customers will too. Below are some examples of the iconic British brands we’ve helped revive, reimagine, reposition, create and grow.

Making Badger anything but black and white.

Giving Barbour a Christmas to remember.

Marshall Amps. Reviving a rock legend.

Refreshing the Roberts brand to be as beautiful as their products.

A new British brand beautifully brought to life.

Taking the Barbour brand beyond the jacket.

Even John Lewis need help sometimes.

Elevating the Williams brand to the quality of their products.

G Plan: Giving a brand with a rich history a strong future.

Breaking social tradition with Barbour.

Helping Wyke Farms become the UK’s No.1 farmhouse Cheddar.

To find out more about how we could help you and your brand, contact us today.