Mash Direct transform freshly-grown vegetables into flavoursome, convenient, healthy dishes. We re-designed their website to make it as tasty as their food.

Mash Direct is a well-established brand with big ambitions. To achieve them required a new responsive digital presence that perfectly balanced being serious enough to attract major supermarkets, while being authentic and friendly to appeal to customers as well.

With their rich heritage and unique food proposition, we had a solid base to work from, we now had to make them a lot more evident to site users.

Adding authenticity and flexibility.
We designed the site to give the brand more depth. This was achieved by showcasing their natural produce, the six-generations of farming expertise, the health benefits and their idyllic location on the shores of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. Further to this, we re-worked the product section, making it more accessible and easier to navigate for trade and consumers alike.

We also adapted their brand approach to closer align it to their light-hearted tone of voice, which naturally injected extra personality and life into the site.

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The results were seriously impressive.
It’s early days, but in the first few months after launching, Mash Direct are seeing a 30% increase in sessions. Users are spending more time on the new site with analytics highlighting they’re moving around much more fluidly than on the previous iteration. When combined with a noticeable rise in organic referrals, it shows the new-look website is more accessible for SEO and users alike.

The guys at Mash Direct are happy with the results – and so are we. Especially as since going live, they are now listed in 330 Waitrose stores across England too. They’ve also got one of their new products, Nourish Bowls, in Sainsbury’s stores throughout Northern Ireland.

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