A campaign that looks and works beautifully.

It wouldn’t be Easter without a bit of chocolate. But Godiva don’t just make normal chocolate, they passionately craft the finest, richest Belgian chocolates you’ll ever taste.

Understandably, Easter is an important time for them, so they needed an impressive campaign. But it wasn’t quite that simple. They also asked for it to work across their Spring Collection and Mother’s Day key dates too.

Capturing the cheerful energy of the season.

Inspired by the packaging designed by Tokyo-based artist Chico Hayasaki, renowned for her elegant line drawings and graceful watercolours, we created a stunning butterfly concept.

We meticulously hand-crafted and hand-painted each butterfly, before photographing them one at a time to capture the contrasts and shadows that would enable us to produce stylish compositions around the different packaging. The striking visuals were then supported by the line: ‘Beautiful Creations’ – further uniting the various elements of the campaign.
Global appeal.

The campaign has been rolled-out across all key markets, with a hugely positive response. We’ll be celebrating with a Champagne truffle or two this Easter.