We asked Lewis to describe himself in five words: "I'm a Mortgage-paying, recently married, father-of-one, designer. AKA – now a proper grown-up". Cool...

What excites you most about your industry?
The opportunity to work with brands that make or sell things that have the ‘I wish I’d done that’ factor.

What’s your Thinking Juice?
Cider and whisky. In that order.

What did you want to be when you grew-up?
A rocket. Unfortunately, medical science hasn’t progressed that far yet.

Mac or PC?
Mac, although I could happily have an affair with the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

What’s your advice for people getting into our industry?
Be honest, involved and awesome.

What’s the biggest mistake that gets made in your industry?

“I think people can mistake arrogance for confidence. Passion is vital, but you also have to work with a cluster of other minds in everything you do. If you're right, then go to war but be humble enough to acknowledge that sometimes it might simply be an opinion. People can smell bullshit a mile off and nobody makes friends with manure.”

What is the end goal of your career?
To be able to creatively output whatever I feel like chasing down, without worrying financially. I’m playing a long game on that one.

Do you have a particular career highlight?
Every shoot I’m a part of, because it proves that designers don’t have to be Mac-monkeys or craft-nerds. Roles in creative these days need flexible responsibilities and it’s great to be involved with a team that encourages that.

What mobile phone do you have and why?
An iPhone 6 Plus in a Lego case. It’s my portable TV and building different stands for it is a simple bit of childish fun that I think everyone should do at least once a day.

(To say Lewis loves Lego is an understatement.)

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