1. Indulge us with a quick bio of yourself.

Well, I was born in Nigeria, and I came to the UK just before my teenage years. I aspired to be a music producer/publisher like Quincy Jones, but I stumbled into online marketing and have stayed active in this industry ever since. It allows me to be creative and also analytical, which is my mindset in a nutshell. I love it.

2. What is your typical day like as head of search?

I like to get into work early and have breakfast while going through emails. I tend to begin on the priority list of important things I need to accomplish each day – I get an hour or two into doing this before I get pulled onto urgent jobs and into meetings. My day consists of onboarding a number of clients, servicing existing clients and pitching to new clients.

3. What is your overall SEO philosophy?

Analyse. Strategise. Implement. I do this on a daily basis to understand and grow our client’s businesses.

4. SEO is constantly changing. How do you keep your skills sharp?

I stay active in SEO – living, breathing and sleeping it. I truly believe SEO is the core of online marketing and promotion, and I enjoy being a part of it. I follow a number of blogs, and still to this day like to hear people’s opinion on search.

5. SEO work takes time to see results, but it also doesn’t seem to stop either. Is it truly an ongoing effort to maintain your Google position?

SEO is definitely ongoing. Gaining ‘position’ on Google is becoming less and less relevant these days. The aim is to have a site gain ‘visibility’. You could be ranked number three but have a high CTR (click through rate) because your meta title is more prominent, or you have Google Authorship, or people recognise your brand and not those in position one and two. A site’s position definitely matters, but there’s a lot more to consider to maintain and improve traffic to a site. Optimisation means to improve, and when it comes to websites, there is always something to improve.

6. What is the biggest missed opportunity for SEO you see among marketers?

Marketers focusing on marketing to Google, rather than people, which is what marketing is all about. We market to people and have people visiting our sites from Google. There’s a big difference in this, which requires a minor shift in mindsets.

7. What are your pet peeves with Google?

I really disliked when Google Premium was launched. Having a paid Google tool just made me start to think of them as – dare I say – Microsoft. Say it ain’t so, Google. Say it ain’t so!

9. What’s your favourite online SEO tool?

I’ll have to say Google Analytics. I also love a lot of smaller tools, but don’t get hung up on them.

10. What role does social media play in SEO strategy?

I like to think of social as a sibling of SEO. When putting together an SEO strategy for a client, social is absolutely considered. It’s a vital way of promoting to people and even influencing them to promote for you – I love it.

11. What’s your career highlight?

Hmm, it’ll have to be going from being an autodidact, to running part of a department, to running an entire department.

12. What do you do when you’re not working?

Ha. I’m always working

13. What’s your Thinking Juice?

I go through phases of loving Hennessey, Baileys, red wine, and then non-alcoholic drinks like Sprite, Fanta, and just plain H20.